Can women still get pregnant at the age of 44?How much do you know about the precautions for pregnancy?

I don’t know if you have seen the recent news: the 61 -year -old "ultra -old" mother has a successful surrogacy for her son and gave birth to a daughter. Before the surrogacy, the mother had been menopausal for 10 years. SheThe reproductive organs have long been stored in the state of dormancy. The doctor can allow her fertilized eggs to "set up a village" in her uterus by helping her supplement hormone.On the other hand, they can get pregnant at the age of 61, and many of the 44 -year -old women have not been menopausal, so it is relatively easy to get pregnant.

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In the past few years, I let go of the second child. There are also many 40 years around Mu Mu who intend to ask for children again. Mu Mu’s distant relatives are one of them. At that time, she was almost 50 years old.The ring was intending to prepare for pregnancy again, but later she was really pregnant, but the child was born with congenital heart disease, and he died before confinement.

Therefore, although women can still get pregnant at the age of 40 or 50, the physical condition at that time is already going downhill, the quality of sperm and eggs is not guaranteed.The chances of pregnancy combined with heart disease, pregnancy hypertension, and pregnancy hyperglycemia will also increase, which is not conducive to mother and baby health.So if you want children at the age of 44, you must pay special attention from the beginning of pregnancy:

1. Start taking folic acid during pregnancy.Folic acid deficiency can cause malformations of fetal nerve tubes, so elderly mothers are best to start taking folic acid during pregnancy.

2. Regular production inspection.Some problems that have accurately discovered the problems of pregnant mummy and fetal baby during pregnancy are very important for ensuring the health of mothers and infants.

3. Monitor blood pressure, blood glucose and other indicators regularly.Pregnancy hypertension and hyperglycemia will affect the health of the baby and pregnant moms. It will also endanger maternal and infant life. Therefore, the elderly pregnant mothers must pay special attention to their physical condition during pregnancy.

4. The cesarean section should be cut.For the elderly pregnant mothers, their pelvic cavity has been bone, the telescope is greatly reduced, and the elasticity of the soft production road is greatly reduced.Baby safety.I am Mu Mu, a post -90s treasure mother, an original writer of the multi -platform, adheres to scientific parenting, welcome sisters to discuss various issues in parenting and pregnancy, thank you for reading and attention!

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