Can weak essence be pregnant?Learn about these 3 points, health prepare for pregnant dads and prospective mothers

Sperm is very important for male friends, and it is also one of the important factors of childbirth between husbands and wives.The poor quality, small quantity, poor vitality, etc. these factors will hinder the birth of new life between husband and wife. This is commonly clinically weak sperm.

After men suffer from weak sperm disease, they will first affect the surrogacy rate. In severe cases, they will cause infertility symptoms. Secondly, they will also affect the life between husband and wife, and even feelings, making many couples who want their children deeply troubled.In this way, some male friends with weak sperm may think: Can weak essence be pregnant?Now let’s learn this together.

1. Infection factors

If both men and women are married for more than one year or live together for more than one year, they do not take safety contraceptive measures, but if they are not pregnant, the man must check whether he has the cause of weakness or death.

In addition, there are semen liquefied abnormalities, some drug factors, physical immune factors, endocrine factors, or the lack of vitamins in the body, contacting chemical poisons or contact with radiation sources.

Therefore, when I feel that I have weak sperm disease, I consciously get the hospital for examination and diagnosis.It can usually be adjusted according to its own situation, which is conducive to physical health.

2. Life factors

Life factors include frequent sexual life, or have too many times of exposure to high heat and harm, insufficient physical nutrition, and too many negative emotions, and they are resentful every day.Vitality, etc., leads to the emergence of weak sperm disease.

1. Most of them can conceive

First of all, weak essence can be pregnant, which is most of the case.Secondly, after checking weak sperm, most of them are low forward sperm volume and lower than normal values. Doctors may give general treatment and improve their own living habits for conditioning.But there are also many doctors who may provide patients with drug treatment.

2. The effect of drug treatment is not good, you can choose surgical treatment

If the patient’s medication is not effective, you need to do some examinations, such as reproductive ultrasound examination to understand whether the patient has diseases such as an varicose vein.If you have severe spermatic veins, you need to consider surgical treatment, because it is not possible to treat drugs alone.

Of course, patients with weak sperm can achieve better treatment results through drug treatment, which is not 100%.However, after most patients with weak spermatogenia are treated, the quality of semen will be improved, and conception will follow.

3. The degree is serious, you can choose artificial insemination or test tube

After some patients are treated, the effect may not be obvious, but the gap between patients is not very large from normal values. Then later treatment may require auxiliary reproductive methods, such as artificial insemination.If the patient’s weakness is very serious, you can consider being a test tube baby.

In short, when men suffer from weak sperm, if the degree is not very serious, most of them can conceive naturally.However, if the degree is very serious, you can seek artificial insemination or test tubes to solve the problem of fertility.

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