Can uterine fibroids be pregnant?Will fibroids grow during pregnancy?

A fan friend told me not long ago that I found that I have been in uterine fibroids for a long time, and I was only 3 cm before. Because the doctor said to observe, I didn’t pay much attention.As a result, the fibroids are now nearly 6 cm after pregnancy. The local hospital told her that she was caused by pregnancy, so that the patient was observed after the abortion, so the patient asked me what to do?

First of all, it is possible to tell you that the fibroids become larger.Because of the pregnant person, his blood is full, and then the blood will run into the uterus.From the perspective of Chinese medicine, his fibroids help him grow when he has a lot of blood.

On the other hand, in the case of high estrogen, fibroids will also promote the growth of fibroids, and the estrogen of pregnant people will be relatively high, so at this time, fibroid growth is a normal phenomenon.

We understand the uterus as a house and grow fibroids in the house. We are called lower mucosal fibroids. The fibroids outside the house are called subtidum fibroids. The fibroids on the wall are called muscle walls.Fibroids.

The more fibroids in the house, the greater the impact on pregnancy.

If it is a submucosal fibroids, even if it is 1cm, it is recommended to regulate and prepare for pregnancy before pregnancy, otherwise it is easy to have abortion and fetal stops.

If the fibroids in the muscle wall are relatively large and grow in the house, it may have some adverse effects on pregnancy.

If the fibroids outside the house are not uncomfortable, you can try to get pregnant with tumor.

However, many female friends are unsuccessful after 1 year of pregnancy. The main reason is that the house is too cold and humid, and the cold environment is not suitable for fetal growth.Therefore, if you want to be eugenic and better, you are better prepared for pregnancy. It is recommended to regulate the constitution of traditional Chinese medicine in advance, drive away cold and damp blood stasis, and create a warm house for children.

Under normal circumstances, the interval from uterine myocardiac to pregnancy does not exceed 1 year. The longer the probability of fibroid recurrence is too long.

However, if it is large and deep fibroids, it takes longer for contraception; of course, the most important thing is to combine the recovery of the body.

Finally, remind everyone that uterine fibroids are generally benign, but they will develop, so whether you have any fertility needs or not, it is recommended to condition as soon as possible.

If there is a need to prepare for pregnancy, you can combine your own situation and you can prepare for pregnancy first.Because the recovery time after surgery is long, but also the risk of pregnancy.

I have a patient who has been preparing for 2 years after surgery. During the period, I tried various methods, but I did not do so.She started trying to prepare for pregnancy without a complete recovery after surgery.Therefore, before preparing for pregnancy, conditions must be adjusted.TCM dialectical conditioning, while recovering qi and blood after surgery, while improving the physical fitness, preparing for the next pregnancy.

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