Can toothpaste test that you are not pregnant?After reading the process, you must try it!

Some time ago, on a foreign life expert website, a video was reposted by millions of expectant mothers.Why is it so popular?Is it because the mother -in -law is very helpful in pregnancy?

No, just this video is very interesting for mothers. The content it shares is "How to test whether you are pregnant with a toothpaste": squeeze out a small cup of toothpaste and add a few drops of urine.Add a few drops and stir well.What needs to be remembered is that the amount of each person is different depends on the HCG value in each human body. More than dozens of drops have not responded, then you may regret that you have not successfully owned your baby.If you are already pregnant, then the toothpaste in the cup will start foaming and turn blue!

In terms of chemical reactions, human choric membrane promotes gonadotropin, that is, human choric membrane promoter gonadotropin (HCG), which is a signal that indicates that you are pregnant, and HCG will discharge through human urine, because there is one of them containing one kindAcid, calcium carbonate produces carbon dioxide and water.It is exactly the toothpaste contains calcium carbonate.But when the toothpaste encounters HCG in the urine, the carbon dioxide and water reflected in the urine are the phenomenon of foam in our eyes.

However, there is another problem that interferes with our judgment, that is, urine is also acidic and contains uric acid.This means that uric acid in our urine will cause the same reaction, whether you are pregnant.

However, theoretically, there are still some differences between the two. The acidity of the pregnant women’s urine is greater than ordinary people.Then after dripping the toothpaste of the two, the toothpaste of the pregnant woman’s toothpaste will foam and turn blue will increase. May wish to do this experiment together with your husband to compare.

Of course, this test is just to follow a chemical formula, which is interesting, but not rigorous. If you want to accurately determine whether you are pregnant, it is best to go to the hospital for pregnancy test to get the most accurate results.Remember that it is best to check in the morning, because in the "morning urine" at that time, the HCG value was the most concentrated.

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