Can toothache during pregnancy, can it be treated?What do you say when listening to women and children

Oral problem during pregnancy

Points to summarize

1 Harm of oral problems during pregnancy

2 Early pregnancy (January-March) Oral health care

3rd pregnancy (April-June) Oral health

4 Late pregnancy (July-September) Oral health care

According to reports, during the period of severe periodontitis in pregnant women, the possibility of childbirth in low weight loss is increased. The premature birth rate is 7.5 times that of normal pregnant women, which is worse than smoking and drinking for pregnant women.The reason is that the internal toxins produced by bacteria can stimulate the body to produce a large amount of tumor necrosis factor and prostaglandin. These substances can enter the blood and cause miscarriage and premature birth, and even fetal deformities in early and late pregnancy.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly perform oral health examinations. It is recommended to check every three months every three months. If you consciously have oral diseases, you should consult at any time and deal with it in time. The treatment of oral diseases in pregnant mothers is best.) Do not do it.

Today, Li Liping, deputy chief physician of the dental department of Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, will introduce the oral health during different pregnancy for pregnant mothers.

Oral care of 1-3 months in the early pregnancy

1. The first three months of pregnancy are the critical period of the growth and development of the baby. At this stage, all organs have begun to form, and deciduous teeth embryo began to develop.

2. Prevent virus infections such as rubella, so as not to cause fetal babies.At this stage, embryos are easily affected by adverse factors such as drugs and X -thread, and it is easy to cause abortion or fetal baby deformity.

3. Avoid using sleeping and sedatives to prevent the occurrence of cleft lip and palate.

Kind tips

At this stage, the pain, anxiety, and stress that tooth therapy brings to pregnant mothers may have a bad impact on the baby and pregnant mothers, and severe cases can cause miscarriage.It should be emphasized that emergencies should be dealt with in time, rather than emergency treatment in the middle of relatively safe pregnancy.When you seek medical treatment, you should explain the pregnancy time to the doctor, and you must shoot the oral X movie in the case of protection.

Oral health of 3-6 months in the second trimester

The second trimester is a relatively "safe period" for treating oral diseases.Regular dental examinations and periodontal maintenance during pregnancy can be carried out during this period.It is recommended that only simple treatment, such as dental caries, washing teeth, simple tooth removal, etc. The complex treatment is extended to postpartum.

Precautions for oral therapy in the middle of pregnancy

1. During the consultation, the current pregnancy situation should be explained in detail; although the dose of the X -ray examination of the dental department should be used to avoid doing X -ray examinations as much as possible.If X -rays must be irradiated due to emergency department, you must wear a protective lead jacket and cover the lower abdomen;

2. When receiving treatment, the teeth chair will not be dumped, and the comfortable position of pregnant women should be used;

3. The amount of local anesthesia in dental treatment is very small. Do not worry about affecting the baby, but pregnant women should avoid deep anesthesia.If there is allergies for hemp medicine, you should explain to the doctor in advance;

4. Be cautious;

5. Care should be taken by taking medicine.When the pain is severe, if forcibly patients may have a bad impact on the baby in the abdomen, you should ask dentists and obstetrics and gynecologists to use appropriate painkillers;

6. At the end of the treatment, slowly get up from the treatment chair to avoid dizziness from standing suddenly.

7-9 months of oral health care

1. Lying on the dental treatment table for a long time, the larger and larger abdomen is likely to compress the lower cavity vein caused by the hypotension syndrome (similar to the symptoms of anemia).At the same time, the heart output volume is reduced, the brain is hypoxic, and it is possible to lose consciousness.

2. If oral treatment must be performed, it is recommended that pregnant mothers lying on the left side to reduce weight compression, or occasionally change the position.

Kind tips

If there is an emergency oral problem at this time in the second trimester, you need to deal with it. Therefore, once the oral problem occurs, the pregnant mothers need to go to a professional hospital for consultation.

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