Can the marriage inspection check out infertility?Doctor: These projects must be checked by the marriage checkup

The wedding check is a health guarantee for both husband and wife. You are about to enter the marriage hall, but you need to conduct a marriage check first. So what are the men’s and women’s marriage checkups? Can the marriage checkups be infertile?Related information.Hope to help you!

What are the men’s and women’s marriage inspection projects

1. The specific male marriage examination items are:

① Ask the history of the medical history and ask the man’s disease history: mainly ask if there are diseases and family genetic diseases.

② Specifications: It is mainly a full -body examination from top to bottom to depend on whether the body is healthy.Examination includes inspections: heart, lung, liver, facial features, spleen, muscle tension, limb activity, bones and other aspects.

③ Genital examination: It is mainly to understand whether there is a disease that affects marriage and fertility.

④ Auxiliary examination conventional: Auxiliary examination is a required test that there are urine routine, blood routine, fast transaminase, syphilis first screen, and hepatitis B surface antigen. These projects can help doctors judge whether you have common infectious diseases or sexually transmitted diseases.

2. The specific women’s marriage inspection items are:

① Internal Medicine Examination: Mainly check the whole body, understand women’s development, and see if there are abnormalities in important organs.Examination includes: heart, lung, liver, kidney, etc.

② Genital examination: This test is to discover genital diseases that affect childbirth after marriage. Note that there are no hymen atresia, endometriosis, uterine deficiency or development, uterine fibroids, vaginal deficiency or atresia.

③ Laboratory examination: This is a test of common infectious or sexual transmission diseases.In addition to checking the same auxiliary conventional inspection as men, women also need to find trichomonas and mold for vaginal secretions.

Can I check in infertility for marriage checkups?

Generally, there is no way to check in infertility. Infertility has a normal sex life after marriage without adopting contraceptive measures. It can only be diagnosed without pregnancy for two years.The marriage check is different from the inspection of the infertility infertility. Therefore, the examination of infertility must be conducted for a special pregnancy test. At the same time, the marriage examination and the infertility examination are two different concepts. They cannot be mixed.However, no matter what checks, you need to go to a regular professional medical institution to avoid inaccurate situations during inspection.

What are the men and women’s marriage inspections, and can I check infertility in the marriage examination? I believe that you have aware of the article after reading the article.In fact, infertility cannot be checked before marriage. If you have been married for more than two years, if you have no contraception or no pregnancy, go to a regular hospital for examination. I hope the content above can give you some help and suggestions.Essence

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