Can the children planted on the night of drinking?Come and listen to the explanation given by the doctor

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Yesterday, my cousin ushered in a nervous patient in the hospital: doctor, doctor, I did that night with my husband on the night of drinking, and later found that I was pregnant.Can you ask?

We all know that drinking is a taboo for pregnant women.Children’s father can’t drink, and even within two years of pregnancy, the doctor will ask his father to stop drinking.But some people accidentally conceive their children on the day of drinking. Will it affect the health of the child?This needs to be popular with everyone.

The cousin’s answer is: It’s okay.If men drink on the day of the creation, do not worry about affecting children in this case. Generally, men’s sperm is accumulated before. Drinking in a short time will not affect the sperm quality.The same is true to women. Drinking in early in the early days, it has little impact on children.

However, if there is a long period of time before the creation of people, men will affect sperm quality. Women will cause harm to the body, which is not good for children, or be vigilant.

If it’s okay, can I still drink after my work because of work?

The answer is: No!It was an accident that drinking that day, but it was too big to know that drinking after pregnancy.The impact of drinking during pregnancy has the following points mainly:

Development of weight and central nervous system.

2. The more and the earlier you drink, the greater the harm to the fetus.


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