Can the child with a ring be pregnant?

Question: I accidentally miscarriage after I was pregnant three years ago. Later, because I was busy with work and my husband, I decided not to take children for the time being, and put on contraception.But just two months ago, I went to the hospital for a period of discontinuation, but was diagnosed as "pregnancy and pregnancy."My husband said that since he was born with birth, I listened to someone again that children who were pregnant with a ring could not have.Is this so?

Answer: The in -palace is a safe, simple, economical, and effective contraceptive method. It is loved by the majority of women. More than 50 % of women in my country are using the in -palace.However, the success rate of the contraceptive measures of any kind of contraceptive measures has not reached 100%, and the contraceptive success rate of the in-palace of the in-palace is about 85%-90%, which means that about 10%-15%of women will have a belt with a belt with a belt.Circular pregnancy or decar ring pregnancy.

The main causes of pregnancy after the ring are:

1. Sumid.The in -uterus is a foreign body for the uterus. It can promote the shrinkage of the uterus and move the cultivor to fall off.Over time, the uterus has gradually adapted to this stimulus, the rejection decreases, and the fall rate will be reduced.According to statistics, the drop rate is the highest within one month after the loop is released, and about 50%of the drop occurs within the first three months. After that, the each month tends to stabilize, and most of the shedding occurs during the menstrual period.Generally, women with light age, less birth or lactation may be good for factor in the uterine muscle elasticity and more sensitive and easy to take off; the cervical mouth is relaxed or the uterine prolapse is also easy to remove.In addition, if the hetero -saving device is too large, too small, or not put it on the bottom of the palace, it will also drop it off.

2. Move down.The hedging device falls off to the cervix and does not have the effect of contraception.

3. The model of the ring is not suitable for the size of the uterine cavity, or the ring is distorted or deformed, and it does not play a contraceptive effect.

4. After some women are placed, the endometrium does not cause the corresponding tissue response, or the fertilized eggs are not hindered by the bed, and they may be pregnant again.

Pay attention to the following points to prevent ring pregnancy or decarcule pregnancy:

1. After the placement, you should rest properly. Do not go away within 3 days when you place it, work heavy to squat, carry things heavy, etc., so as not to cause excessive pressure in the abdomen and squeeze out the inner palace.

2. Avoid the same room within two days of the first three days of placing the in -palace, because sexual life can easily cause uterine contraction.

3. Pay attention to whether the birthpool device will fall off early, and carefully check whether there is a breeding ring in the menstrual blood during menstruation.If you have backache, lower abdomen pain, and irritating menstrual drops after placing the birth ring, you should go to the hospital for examination in time, and whether to fall off or move down.After the first, third and sixth months after the birthplaces of the birthplace, they went to the hospital to review them. Afterwards, at least once a year, they also reviewed the gynecologist to review it.

4. Finding that the birthplace falls off. If there are no other taboos, you must change the number and type.Those who repeatedly fall off should use other contraceptive methods.

5. The monthly period should be alert to pregnancy, and you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis.

How to deal with ring pregnancy or decarcule pregnancy:

In the secondary pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy accounts for about 4 % of pregnancy, which is higher than those who are not brought.If it is an intrauterine pregnancy, the incidence of natural abortion is high, and there are many people with bleeding, dead tires, and premature births before giving birth, and may be compressed and affecting embryonic development. Some reports have found that the circular ring is set in the carcass.Therefore, most people advocate that it is advisable to terminate pregnancy as early as possible.Because the abortion surgery within three months of pregnancy is less damage to the human body, the better the abortion is getting better.For more than three months, they must also go to the hospital as soon as possible, and the doctor gives the medium -term induction of labor to properly handle it.

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