Can sweet potatoes kill 98%of cancer cells?Can you still reduce blood sugar?Is it science or a rumor

Grandpa Liu, 75, has always lived alone. He has been diagnosed with diabetes for many years. In addition to taking medicine to control the condition, he also pays special attention to his diet. He often eats rough grains and miscellaneous grains with slow sugar.

Some time ago, the neighbors sent some potatoes. He has always used sweet potatoes for a few days in a row.After a few days of eating, there was a paroxysmal abdominal pain, while nausea and vomiting symptoms.But he didn’t take it seriously, thinking that it was caused by the bad stomach.Unexpectedly, with the development of time, it became more and more serious.

After learning about the situation, the child quickly sent him to the hospital for examination. After inspection, he found that Grandpa Liu had severe pain in the lower abdomen and was accompanied by reflective pain. The CT result showed that there was a small intestinal obstruction.The doctor’s initial judgment is the manifestation of intestinal obstruction and shock, and surgery needs to be performed in time.

After the operation, Grandpa Liu was sent to the general ward, and the subsequent recovery was good.But a family is a bit difficult to understand. Why does eating sweet potato cause intestinal obstruction?

Relatively speaking, the gastrointestinal function of the elderly is poor, and it is difficult to digest and empty after taking some food that is not easy to digest.The dung stone is easy to block the intestinal cavity.After the stones block the intestinal cavity for a long time, it will cause the intestine to burst, such as a "water pipe", and does not intervene in time to cause necrosis, perforation, and endanger life safety.

In addition to sweet potatoes, it is easy to cause dung stone, and these foods

1. Persimmon

The persimmon is rich in tannic acid and pectin, and the content of immature persimmons is higher.Take the persimmons in an empty stomach, which is easy to combine with gastric acid to form stones.

2. Bamboo shoots

The cellulose content in bamboo shoots is very high, and the lack of digestible cellulose enzymes in the human body. Excessive intake of one -time intake can cause septic stones.

3, guava

The seeds of guava are difficult to digest, and excessive intake can easily concentrate in the gastrointestinal formation.

4. Hawthorn

Hawthorn contains a large amount of tannic acid. Excessive intake of excessive intake is easy to combine with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to form viscous glue, and eventually become dung stones.

In addition, foreign bodies such as hair, grain shells, sand, and metal dandruff accidentally enter the body, and it is easy to generate dung stones, threatening health.

Pay attention to the amount of control no matter what foods are eating everyday. Excessive intake is likely to threaten health.In life, I often hear some rumors about sweet potatoes, but are these rumors really credible?

1. Can sweet potatoes lower blood sugar?

Studies have found that after taking white -skinned sweet potato extracts, patients with type 2 diabetic have improved insulin sensitivity. It is helpful to control blood sugar. Many people think that sweet potatoes can lower blood sugar after seeing the study.

However, the sweet potato extract used in the study is not the sweet potato itself.To achieve a effective dose by eating sweet potatoes, a large amount of intake is required, which is contrary to the requirement of eating sweet potatoes.

It is essentially a kind of slow sugar -raising food. Because it contains more moisture and dietary fiber, it is easy to be digested and digested by the body. It can also be eaten appropriately for patients with high blood sugar, which is helpful to relieve the rise of blood sugar after meals.

2. Can sweet potato treat constipation?

As the saying goes, "a pound of sweet potatoes and two pounds of shit", many people think that sweet potatoes can relieve constipation.In this regard, Zhang Zhiqian, deputy chief physician of the Department of Anorectal One Department of Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that proper intake of cooked sweet potatoes, cellulose in sweet potatoes can play a role in absorbing the water in the intestine and increasing the volume of excretion, which can alleviate constipation to a certain extent.However, there are more starch in sweet potatoes. Eating and eating more can easily lead to increase constipation.

3. Can sweet potatoes kill cancer cells and anti -cancer?

There are rumors on the Internet that sweet potatoes can kill 98%of cancer cells. Compared with the first two, this statement is too outrageous.

First of all, the experiment is not performed in the human body. The results obtained by cellular and in vitro experiments and animal experiments cannot directly act on the human body.And these experiments use the extracts inside sweet potatoes, not the sweet potato itself, and there is a big difference between eating sweet potatoes directly.

It is obviously incapable to use sweet potatoes to play anti -cancer, lower blood sugar, and treat constipation.But it is undeniable that sweet potatoes are nutritious foods that need to master some skills when eating.

Sweet potato is rich in nutritional value. It contains about 102 kcal energy, 0.2g of fat, 24.7g carbohydrates, and protein and soluble fiber components. Eating sweet potatoes can help the human body supplement dietary fiber. When eating sweet potatoes, you must pay attention to these things.Essence

1. Control the amount of consumption

Excessive intake of sweet potatoes will produce a large amount of gas in the intestine, which will easily induce symptoms such as abdominal distension and snoring.

2. Don’t eat on an empty stomach

Eating sweet potatoes on an empty stomach can easily cause heartburn symptoms. Some people suffering from gastric ulcers and erosion gastritis, eating sweet potatoes on an empty stomach can easily stimulate a large amount of gastric acid secretion, causing abdominal discomfort.

3. Don’t eat food with persimmons

Sweet potato itself is a high -sugar -containing food. After entering the stomach, it is easy to ferment and increase the secretion of gastric acid. The tannic acid and pectin ingredients in the persimmon will gather with the sweet potato reactions, which is easy to generate gastric stones.

4. People with poor stomachs eat less

The insoluble dietary fiber content in sweet potatoes is high. For people with poor gastrointestinal function, eating sweet potatoes will aggravate gastrointestinal burden and easily cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Sweet potatoes are a very common food. Its effect is far from rumors. It is necessary to hold the correct mentality. Do not blindly consume a lot of sweet potatoes.”Headline creation challenge””chronic disease hundred questions 答 答”

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