Can sheep eat peppercorns?How to feed sheep pepper?Is the peppercorns or peppercorns?

When we raise sheep, in addition to common food, we will often feed some other things for sheep. No breeding friends come to consult. Want to know if peppercorns can let the sheep eat it?So today we will discuss this issue.

The benefits of eating peppercorns in a sheep

The volatile oil in peppercorns has a certain effect of deworming, which can help prevent and control parasitic infections in sheep. Of course, deworming is mainly used by medication.Worms, can be used: mosquito and mites are too guaranteed, insect repellent in vitro parasites, and at the same time prevent mosquito bite;

Pepper has a spicy taste and aroma, which can stimulate the appetite of the sheep and increase the appetite of the sheep;

Pepper is rich in antioxidant substances, which can help sheep improve immunity and resist liberal damage

Pepper contains some volatile oil and active ingredients, which has the effect of promoting digestion.It can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, increase gastrointestinal motility, help sheep to better digest food, reduce indigestion and gastrointestinal problems.

How to feed the peppercorns for sheep?

When we usually cook peppercorns, there are usually two ways to use. One is to use peppercorns directly, and the other is to use peppercorns. When feeding peppercorns for sheep, you can also use peppercorns or pepper powder. These two types can be used. These two types.It is okay to feed the method, but there are some differences.

1. Sheep eat peppercorns

We can stir the peppercorns with the feed, or place the peppercorns in the feeder, or sprinkle it directly on the grooves and grass to let the sheep eat freely.Let the sheep eat the peppercorns directly, and the breeding friends will save trouble, so you don’t have to hardly grind the peppercorns into powder.

2. Sheep eats pepper powder

If it is a pepper powder, just stir with the feed directly. Compared with the peppercorns, the antiviral and antivirus of the pepper powder is more effective.

However, it is reminded that breeding friends are that peppercorns cannot be fed too much, and each sheep eat 2-3 grams a day.

The introduction of this article is over here, thank you for watching.Pay attention to me, and will bring you about breeding every day.

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