Can pregnant women smell the taste of moxibustion? Pregnant women smell the taste of moxibustion?

We all know that pregnant women are very sensitive and fragile groups, and they need to take care and care.So can pregnant women smell the taste of moxibustion?Is it good for pregnant women to smell moxibustion?

Moxibustion is made of wormwood and Chinese medicine. Moxibustion can mobilize the human body’s immune function and make your body healthier.So can pregnant women smell the taste of moxibustion? Is it good for pregnant women to hear moxibustion?

Can pregnant women smell the taste of moxibustion:

Pregnant women can smell moxibustion. Of course, they cannot be heard often, and pregnant women must use moxa with moxa.Therefore, it is not necessary for pregnant mothers to not recommend moxibustion and try their best to avoid the smoke of fake moxa.

The taste of pregnant women smell moxibustion is good?

The smoke smell of high -quality moxa has the function of the fetus

When high -quality moxa burn, Ai Yan has no disadvantages to pregnant women, and can also play a role in the fetus. Ai Yan can also purify the air and play a role in sterilization and bacteriostatic. Through scientific experiments, Ai Yan has been in scientific experiments., E. coli, Tuberculosis, etc. all have the effects of killing and suppressing.After the burning of Ai leaves, the bacterial rate that can kill the air weight is as high as 70%.

However, what pregnant mothers need to remember is that they cannot be in Ai Yan for a long time because Ai Yan has some benefits, because Ai Yan contains both substances that are beneficial to the human body and long -term contact.Avoid the taste of moxibustion for a long time.

There are many harms of the smell of the smell of the sanctuary with poor quality

Poor quality moxa will have a certain harm to pregnant women when burning, because there are more toxic and side effects in the smoke, such as fatty hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, crickets and its oxide, phenol, and crickets, Caramel, phenyldehyde, phenol, 2,4-binary phenol and green flower white thousands of meltosyl, A-pyropiamone, etc.It may cause pregnant women with tonsils, itchy, visual pain and other diseases, and it also has a certain impact on fetal development.

A-poisonous side effects on the human nervous system, a large number of contacts can cause seizure of epilepsy.

B-phenyldehyde, phenols have the strongest toxic and side effects on central nervous and blood.

C-thick ring aromatic hydrocarbons can cause cancer and may produce genetic poisonous science changes.

D-caramel contains two thousandths of benzene and pyrine is a strong carcinogenic substance.

Features of high -quality moxa:

1. Good moxa, the color is yellow, the moxa is delicate, there is no impurities, there is no small black spots, the higher the proportion, the more delicate the moxa, the more fine the moxa, no impurities such as black spots.

2. Good moxa strips, evenly thickness, and it will feel elastic with hands. This is because the higher the proportion of the moxa, the better the ejaculation of the moxa.Good or bad, this is actually wrong. The better the elastic elasticity of the moxa, the lower the proportion of the moxa tightness is very good, and it is impossible to pinch with your hands.

3. Good moxa Ai scent is faint. The lower the proportion, the greater the scent of Ai fragrance. The taste of Ai is numb and cool.The smell is a faint Ai fragrance, and it may also be mixed with some cool feelings.

4. Good moxa bars are faster. For example, 5: 1 moxa bording speed is about two hours to two and a half hours.About 55 minutes to 60 minutes, good moxa bars have fast burning speed, large thermal power, strong penetration, so Ai Yan will be more.In fact, the better the moxa bars are burning faster, and there are more Ai Yan, so you can open the window to breathe when moxibustion, or get used to the taste of Ai Yan.

5. Good moxa, fast burning speed, and high heat. After the moxibustion, there will be a piece of blushing for a long time.

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