Can pregnant women eat durian?Can you eat durians, look at pregnant mothers, it is best not to eat these three kinds of pregnant women.


After walking on the street, there are durians selling durians everywhere. Every year at this time, durians on the street are crazy. No matter which fruit shop is the main feature of durian, it is even more strange that although durian is not cheap, it is not cheap, But there are more people who buy durian than those who buy other fruits, and they can even see some pregnant women.

To be sure: pregnant women can eat durian!

▶ Pregnant women have the benefits of eating durian.The taste of durian is very special and can promote the appetite of pregnant women.

People who like it are very fragrant, and they feel very comfortable when they smell them from a distance.But some people think it is stinky, let alone eat it, even if it is close.

But in fact, if you can accept it, this smell of durian has an appetizer and can promote appetite.

If pregnant mothers have a loss of appetite, eating durian appropriately can increase appetite.

Durian’s nutrition is very rich, and pregnant women can supplement nutrition.

Durian is a kind of tropical fruit, which is rich in nutrients. There are a lot of sugar in the flesh of durian, so the calories are relatively high.

At the same time, durian meat is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamin A, B, C, potassium, calcium and other rich vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Eating some durians can help pregnant mothers supplement a variety of nutrients, especially some pregnant women with malnutrition or small fetuses, and some durians can increase their tires properly.Durian is also rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility of pregnant women.

In addition to the above nutrients, durian is also rich in dietary fiber, and dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility.

After pregnancy, the gastrointestinal function of the pregnant mother becomes weakened, the gastrointestinal motility becomes slower, and it is easy to cause constipation. Eating some durian appropriately can supplement dietary fiber, promote gastrointestinal motility, and help to defecate.

Durian’s heat solve the cold, which can improve the cold bottom of pregnant women.

Durian is a thermal fruit that can remove the cold of the body. For women before pregnancy, if it is a dysmenorrhea caused by cold, eating durian has a good cold effect.

After pregnancy, if the abdomen is often cold, you can also eat durian properly.The whole body of durian is treasure

The white part of the durian skin can be used to cook soup. The soup is fresh and sweet, and it can also moisturize the yin.

The durian nucleus can also be used for soup, or it is steamed directly to eat. The taste is like chestnuts. The fragrance of powder has the function of strengthening the spleen.

Pregnant women can eat some supplements properly.

The following kinds of pregnant women are not suitable for durian:

1. Pregnant women with high weight/high blood sugar

The nutrition of durian is very rich. The flesh contains a lot of sugar. If the pregnant mother’s weight exceeds the standard or the blood sugar is high, it may cause the weight and blood sugar to develop in the unsatisfactory direction after eating durian, which is not conducive to the health and childbirth of pregnant womenEssence

2. Pregnant women with too large fetal fetuses

Durian is very nutritious. For pregnant women with too small fetuses, this is a good food, which can allow the fetus to grow and develop quickly.

However, if the fetus is too large, you need to control your weight, which is not suitable for durian, so as to avoid excess nutrition and weight of the fetus, which is not conducive to the health of the fetus and is not conducive to production.

3. Pregnant women who often get angry/constipation.

Durian is a hot fruit. After eating it, it is easy to get angry, which can easily lead to sore throat, acne, constipation, and affecting sleep.

Therefore, pregnant women who are often easy to get angry or often constipation are best to eat less durian.

I tried four pieces of durian at once during pregnancy. It was really good to get angry. When I was sleeping that night, I always dreamed. The quality of sleep was very poor. When I got up the next day, the throat was relatively dry. I drank a lot of water for two days.Then it improved.

Therefore, pregnant women can eat durian, but they cannot eat blindly, let alone be greedy.

▶ Don’t eat too much.

Durian has sufficient sugar, high calories, and easy to get angry, it is best not to eat too much.

If pregnant mothers like to eat durian, they can eat some properly, and eat about one or two petals every day.

▶ Don’t eat durian with wine flavor

The mature durian remembered the nose, and it tastes soft and sweet. If it smells the wine, it means that the durian is already cooked and it is not suitable for eating.

▶ Don’t eat with other hot foods

Durian itself is hot. Do not eat with other hot foods when eating, so as not to heat up the body heat.

▶ After eating durian, drink plenty of water

After eating durian, drink more water.

In the first place, the dietary fiber in durian can avoid absorbing the water in the intestine due to the lack of water, leading to constipation.

Secondly, you can also remove the "fire" in the body appropriately to avoid sore throat and other situations.

For those who like durians, durian is really too attractive. I can’t help but want to eat, let alone getting pregnant, and the taste becomes even strange.But pregnancy is not sick. When you want to eat it, you can still eat some properly, and you don’t need to have much pressure.

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