Can pregnant women drink ginger soup when they have a cold?

Jiang Tang is mainly used to drive cold and prevent colds in the people. Pregnant women are a special group of diets. It is necessary to pay special attention. Ginger soup is suitable for patients with lighter diseases. If you have a cold, you need to go to the hospital to avoid the impact on the fetus.

Can pregnant women drink ginger soup when they have a cold?

Colds have cold colds and colds and colds. Drinking ginger soup is suitable for cold cold, but it is not suitable for wind and heat.

The protagonist of ginger soup is ginger.Ginger can be used as cooking condiments or medication.Although it is not cure, it is indeed a good medicine, which has a prevention and treatment effect on a variety of diseases.Ginger flavor, slightly warm sex, the lungs, stomach, and spleen, sweating in the lung meridian, intraward can reduce phlegm, and the stomach meridians and the warmth are relieved. Therefore, ginger has sweating and solvingStomach vomiting, expectorant and cough, detoxification and other effects, so it is very effective for treating colds.

In the early days of a cold, drinking hot ginger soup can make the body temperature a temporary decrease by sweating, which is used for cold cold.For wind and heat, if you use the method of drinking ginger soup to treat, it will make the human body that was originally heated more heated, which is tantamount to oiling on the fire.

Drinking ginger soup can only be cold.You should pay attention, ginger soup is not only effective in cold colds, but also makes the cold heavier and heavier, and you must not drink.Because most of the cold colds are caused by wind and cold, the role of "ginger" is mainly to remove the cold and dampness of the stomach and stomach, which is not effective for the summer cold caused by "heat".

Can pregnant women drink ginger soup when they have a cold? For the general population, ginger soup is applicable.It is okay for pregnant women to drink ginger soup. Ginger is the same source of medicine and food. It is not hindered by pregnant women and fetuses. The pregnant woman has a cold and a cold. You can drink ginger soup in moderation.

Precautions for pregnant women to drink ginger soup

However, ginger is a irritating food after all. After pregnancy, you should eat less foods such as ginger as much as possible, especially the expectant mothers with greater fetal age to avoid accidents.When pregnant women eat ginger, pay attention to the following points:

1. Eat ginger in moderation.Ginger is a thermal drug. According to the principle of "hot people in the hot" of Chinese medicine, pregnant women should eat less ginger, and ginger soup should also drink less.

2. If pregnant women have gardenia, scabies, hemorrhoids, nephritis, or upper respiratory tract infections, ginger should be temporarily fast.

3. When the cold and cold or the cold after the rain, you can use ginger brown sugar water when you are cold and heat, and do not use ginger brown sugar water for summer heat or cold.Ginger brown sugar water can be used for vomiting caused by wind and cold, and it is not suitable for other types of vomiting including pregnancy and vomiting.

4. Don’t eat rotten ginger.The rotten ginger will produce a very toxic organic matter-ebaccoin, which will cause damage to liver cells. Moms must pay attention when making ginger soup.

The food therapy of pregnant women with a cold

The pregnant woman has a cold and can make ginger soup. Put two slices of fresh ginger in 500 liters of cold water. After boiling, put a spoonful of brown sugar and take it for pregnant women.This is mainly because ginger has the effect of warm and cold, and brown sugar has the effect of warmth and stomach. This method is suitable for pregnant women coughing caused by cold and cold.There are also the following three cure for cold food therapy:

1. Orange peel ginger tea: 10 grams of orange peel ginger, decoction with water, add 10 to 20 grams of brown sugar during drinking.

2. Ginger and garlic tea: 15 grams of garlic and ginger, a bowl of slices and water, fry until half a bowl, add 10 to 20 grams of brown sugar during drinking.

3, ginger sugar drink: 15 grams of ginger slices, 3 cm long onion white 3 sections, add 50 grams of water, boil and add brown sugar.

It should be noted that when pregnant women have a cold, do not use antibiotics to treat them. If the symptoms are more serious, drug treatment should be taken, and drugs should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

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