Can pregnant women cupping?

How many minutes do cupping usually take?Cupping therapy is a long -term treatment method that has been circulating for a long time.So how many minutes do cupping?Let’s take a look at the experts.

Health Network Guide: Can pregnant women cupping?Cupping can have a certain treatment effect on a variety of pain, so can pregnant women cupping?Let’s take a look at the experts.

Can pregnant women cupping?

Cupping is a method of treating the air in the tank to eliminate the air in the tank, and use negative pressure to suck the skin, causing the blood stasis phenomenon.This therapy can remove dampness and dampness, clear the meridians, eliminate stagnation, activate qi and blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain, abolish and diarrhea, and have the functions of adjusting the balance of yin and yang, relieving fatigue, and enhancing physical fitness.Purpose of disease.

Can pregnant women cupping?Experts said that although cupping has so many benefits, it is best for pregnant women to not cupping, and pregnant women cupping can cause threatened abortion.Especially the location of the abdomen and groin, can not curtain.

Pregnant women cupping will not only cause adverse effects on the pregnant woman itself, but also affect the baby’s development.When cupping is required in special circumstances, it also needs to be carried out under the guidance of experienced doctors.In response to different situations, the corresponding acupoints of cupping have also changed.

If pregnant mothers have headaches and fatigue during pregnancy, they can be relieved by some massage methods. Pay attention to drinking plenty of water and rest.At the same time, regular check -up, if there is any physical discomfort, it should be given feedback with the doctor in time.

Except for pregnant women, women cannot cupping, women with menstrual periods, skinny muscles, children under 6 years old, elderly people over 70 years old, mental illness, edema, heart failure, active tuberculosis, acute infectious diseases, bleeding tendency, eyes, ear, ear, ears, Nipples, front and rear yin, heart fighting, large blood vessels passing by, uneven bones, and parts with too much hair, etc., cupping therapy is not appropriate.

Cupping is most suitable for colds, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, diaphragmic spasm, neuromusculus vomiting, chronic gastritis, neurasthenia, sexual weakness, migraine, facial paralysis, trigeminal nerve pain, impotence, cervical spondylosis, periartitis, acute acute, acute acutenessLumbar injury, pillow, pillow, tennis elbow, gynecological disease, menopausal syndrome, acute tonsillitis, toothache, neurodermatitis, children’s indigestion, pediatric diarrhea, and enuresis.

Note that the time and intervals of cupping should be grasped at one point. Some people often cupping because of enjoying this process. As a result, it is bad to make their skin very bad, cause infection, and cause the skin to severely bloody stasis.

After cupping, do not take a bath or cold within a certain period of time, otherwise it will cause disease without disease, and even more aggravate the disease.

Although cupping can cure a lot of diseases, it is best to consult a doctor first to see if your own situation is suitable for cupping. Do not cupping at home.

The above is some of the relevant knowledge of cupping. If you want to know more about cupping, please continue to pay attention to health channels of health care.

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