Can pregnant mothers in the 4 common problems of nail art?

Nowadays, nail art has become a symbol of fashion and personality, as if it has become the standard for fashion love ladies.After that, some of the problems of nails will also occur. Today, Ni European nails summarize 4 common problems about nails and make detailed explanations for them.

1 red nail oil fade is because the quality of nail polish is not good?

NO!There are two main reasons for the fading of nail glue:

(1) Excessive or too much exposure to ultraviolet rays after applying nail glue will cause the color to become yellow. Therefore, pay attention to the protection work when outdoor activities with strong ultraviolet rays.The quality;

(2) Many chemical items daily exposure to nails will also lead to yellow or fade in color. For example, the most common detergent. When you make a nail partner, you need to wear rubber gloves when you need to contact this type of items.

Is the polishing of nails harm the nails?

NO!The polishing of the nails should be polished to make the nail glue better, and it is not easy to fall off.This requires a professional nail artist for standard grinding operations. Generally, it is enough to gently grind the nail epidermis to one layer, so that it will not harm the nails.

However, incorrect polishing will make the nails thin and brittle, and the gloss of the surface of the nails will be reduced.If this happens, Ni European nails suggest to stop nails first, take good care for a while, wait for nails to restore health and then do nails.

3 Why can’t you pull it with your hands?

Most of the time, the nail polish on the nails has a little crack or a little dropped, and many people like to pull it with their hands, which will actually cause great harm to the nails.

Nails are composed of many layers of stratum corneum. Nail polish glue uses bottom glue to adhes up nails during the nail process. If the external force is removed, it will damage the nail surface. The main harm is to destroy the surface layer of the nails and the nails will thin.So do n’t pull it with your hands after you do the nails, otherwise you will become thin and crispy when you go to your nails in the future!

4 Can I be a nail during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

NO!In the past, nail polish contains material that endangers the human body, and the nail polish products now launched are safe.So why can’t you?Because nail art also has to be exposed to armored products, these products have a certain impact on the human body. The physical fitness of adults can resist, but the baby is still very young and will cause harm to their health!

Please hold back the expectant mothers and freshmen. During this time, try not to need nail art. I have to ask nail art to take protection and follow -up cleaning measures; women who love beauty can pay attention to supplementing various nutrition and full rest during pregnancy, and it will change.Beautiful!Because there is a saying: pregnancy is the second new life of a woman!

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