Can pregnant mothers eat cold during pregnancy?Netizens hold their own words, but the experts have something to say …

Seeing that winter is coming, we are all sighed or summer, and winter is too cold.Colleagues Dan Dan said happily: "Summer is finally passing, and winter is finally here!" Then he came over and talked to us about the reason. It turned out that she was particularly afraid of heat. I wanted to eat ice cream every day in the summer.For ice fruits and the like, mother -in -law did not let me eat, saying that eating is not good for children, and it is easy to have a miscarriage.She can only keep "torment."Indeed, most people in the family will prohibit pregnant women from eating cold food after pregnancy, even in summer.So, can pregnant mothers really really ca n’t eat cold during pregnancy?Mother Han also collected the opinions of netizens for this.Unexpectedly, everyone was also holding their own words, and the discussion was very fierce.

Netizen Xiaomi said that it was really surprised by us.

Netizens and mice love cats, "How can there be so much scruples? I do n’t listen when I am pregnant. Ice cream eats several pieces every day. The weather is too hot.I didn’t see where there was something wrong! "

Although the first netizen’s statement has a little exaggerated ingredients, it also tells the anxiety of many of our pregnant mothers and family members.It is more sensitive, and there must be more places that need to be scared.In addition, the elderly at home are easy to "listen to the wind is rain", and they will think that pregnant women can not touch a little cold food at all.Ice cream, ice fruits and ice water are "dreams".Even eating air conditioners in summer became a kind of "luxury".So, aside the family’s inherent concept and the opinions of netizens, can pregnant mothers eat cold during pregnancy?Experts said: Pregnant women who can eat cold during pregnancy should be comprehensively considered according to the constitution of pregnant women and seasons.

1. Pregnant women with cold constitution should try not to eat cold food.

If pregnant women are cold, they should stay away from cold food.Even when the weather is hot in summer, you should pay attention, because if you eat too much, you may cause problems such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.It will also stimulate the uterus, and in severe cases, there will even be premature problems.So I think that for the baby’s health and peace, this kind of pregnant mother should control her diet.If it is hot and unbearable, try to put the fruit or milk in cold water, it will be much cold.It can also be placed next to the air conditioner and blowing for a while, which will have a cold effect, but it will not cause diarrhea and other discomfort.

2. Pregnant women with warm constitution can eat in moderation.

If pregnant women have a warm constitution, it is particularly easy to sweat in summer and the hands and feet are always hot.Then you can eat some cold foods in the summer, such as fruits, ice cream, ice water in the refrigerator.But I think we must pay attention to moderate.Because as long as it is cold food, the probability of premature birth will increase.In addition, when blowing the air conditioner in summer, you should also pay attention not to too low temperature, and should be kept at about 26 degrees.If you are hot and unbearable, you can take a few more baths, but the water temperature should not be too low.

Alright, Mother Han will share here today.Do you have other opinions or suggestions?Welcome to leave a message to discuss together.

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