Can polycystic ovary ovulation normally?If you want to increase the pregnancy rate, try these 3 tricks

The polycystic ovary syndrome, a disease caused by endocrine metabolic disorders. Many infertile women in life have polycystic ovary to make them particularly troublesome and doubtful. Can the polycystic ovary not be ovulated normally?What should I do to increase the rate of conception?Is it not qualified to be a mother in polycystic ovary?Take a look.

Generally speaking, women have a low chance of suffering from the normal ovulation of the polycystic ovary. It is precisely because it is infertile for women for a long time, and some will be accompanied by other signs, such as obesity and acne.

1. Menstruation abnormalities

After the first menstruation, there are problems such as menstrual disorders, low menstrual flow, and even amenorrhea.

Two, Mao Mao

Excessive androgen leads to hairy disease on the face, chest, abdomen, back and other parts.

Third, infertility

The abnormal egg excretion of the eggs leads to a decline in fertility and infertility for a long time.

Fourth, obesity

Insulin resistance allows the body’s fat to accumulate, and the lipid metabolism abnormal causes the intake of calories and cannot break down metabolism.

Five, skin problems

Rising androgens will increase sebum secretion, leading to a series of problems, which is more common in it in it.

Six, sleep respiratory syndrome

Most of the polycystic ovary women have sleep apnea, often snoring while sleeping, and even composites with heart disease, emotional changes, obesity and other problems.

1. Improve the number of ovulation times

There are many follicles that cannot be developed in the ovaries of polycystic ovary patients. These follicles cannot form a normal excretion of eggs, leading to decline in women’s fertility. Therefore, women can improve the number of ovulation. Under the guidance of doctorsprobability.

Second, do IVF

Do not get pregnant normally when the ovulation is repeatedly promoted. Consider taking test tube babies and take correct measures under the guidance of a doctor to increase the chance of IVF.

3. Control androgen

Most women with polycystic ovaries have a high androgens. In this case, oral contraceptives are required to reduce the level ofrogen levels, and some need to inject insulin to reduce insulin sensitivity and play an effective ovulation.

Kind tips

The polycystic ovary is a common disease of women. Although it will bring a series of problems and even leads to female infertility, if measures can be taken in time for treatment, they can be cured and can return to normal.You must know that each woman’s physical constitution is different and the treatment time is different. If you want to get pregnant and have children, it is the key to take measures to improve the fertility function.

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