Can patients with premature ovarian aging still get pregnant?Following the method of preparing science is not hopeless!

Premature ovarian failure is the worst of women’s fertility diseases. Once the ovary premature aging is diagnosed, the chance of pregnancy will be small.In gynecological and infertility clinics, about 1%of women are diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, also known as primary ovarian dysfunction.

The cause of the disease is complicated, and nearly half of the patients cannot find the exact cause.Women lose ovarian function, periodic ovulation and female hormone secretion no longer exist.Not only is the fertility function affected, but even the hormone level of the body will have problems.

Many patients are not reconciled and are still eager to be a mother.Although current studies have found that 50%of patients with premature ovarian failure will have intermittent ovulation phenomena, especially when young patients are treated with pure natural hormones for artificial cycle treatment, ovulation may be stimulated, but it is not a high probability event.

The current medical level cannot predict when the basic body temperature and ultrasonic monitoring are predicted when this ovulation is coming. It is like a meteor in the sky.

Therefore, it is recommended that friends who are pregnant for pregnancy do not blindly wait for natural pregnancy and waste precious pregnancy.In addition, some patients ask if they can promote ovulation, which is not advisable.If the patient’s ovarian fails, the follicles are scarce or even dry, and the use of medication to promote ovulation in time and money is a waste.It is better to adjust the ideas to change the concept, and accept auxiliary reproductive technologies such as IVF with economic conditions.

The cause of the disease is complicated, and the disease is found early, and some patients may have time to save their fertility.Hormone supplementary therapy can improve the quality of life of patients and maintain a healthy state.

1. General treatment

Understand the family history of patients and provide important information for genetic consultation.Improve the bad lifestyle of patients, strengthen physical exercise, and maintain regular sleep habits and mentality; quit smoking and limited alcohol, try to avoid exposure to toxic and harmful substances.Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

2. hormone replenishment therapy HRT

In order to correct the patient’s low estrogen state, improve related symptoms, and prevent osteoporosis and other diseases.It is recommended that the dose of HRT should be as close as possible to the physiological dose as much as possible. At least the menstrual cycle of normal women should be maintained until the age of natural menopause.The HRT scheme includes two types: estrogen hormone sequencing therapy and combined therapy, which is conducted under the guidance of gynecological endocrine doctors.

3. Reasonable assistance to pregnancy

About 50%of POF/POI patients may have a brief recovery of ovarian function, but the natural pregnancy rate is less than 5%. While doing HRT treatment, receiving eggs is currently an effective way to solve the problem of fertility. The clinical pregnancy rate is> 70%.

4. Chinese patent medicine treatment

The drug that improves kidney deficiency is the main party of kidney filling, mild menstrual regulation, and nourishing qi and nourishing blood. It combines a variety of Chinese medicines to improve the scarcity of patients’ menstrual flow and regulate the ovarian reserve function.

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