Can leeks be unfavorable to gout?Expert: Do not want to increase uric acid, these two things need to avoid far away

Leek is a kind of vegetable that is loved by everyone. It is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, leek can not only help the yang, but also strengthen the stomach and kidney.However, many people think that leek will exacerbate gout, and people with high uric acid should not eat.

In fact, will leeks exacerbate gout?

The purine content of leeks itself is not high, just because leeks are defined as "hair products" in people’s concepts, so many people think that eating leek will exacerbate gout. Generally speaking, the moderate amount of chives on gout is not great.In fact, high uric acid is caused by foods with high purine content. Foods with high purine content often may even cause gout.

If the uric acid is high or the apex of gout has been found, intervention and conditioning must be intervened in time to reduce high uric acid. These three things should be done in daily life:

First, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

Although meat is rich in nutrients such as protein and mineral elements, the content of meat purine is often relatively high. Excessive consumption will increase the purine content and increase the burden of metabolic. You can add more fresh fruits and vegetables to dailyMetabolic pressure, reduce the risk of gout attacks.

Second, insist on supplementing the nutrition of uric acid

Patients with gout should excrete uric acid as soon as possible to alleviate the symptoms of gout. They can add nutrients such as Wu Dingyun to reduce uric acid content through daily diet. They have the effects of diuretic and swelling, clear liver and gallbladder, prevent urine acidization, and promote uric acid discharge.People with high uric acid can achieve the role of reducing uric acid and reducing gout through an appropriate amount.

Third, try to eat less high purine foods as possible

Excessive intake of food with high purine content can cause high uric acid. Long -term uric acid is at a high level, which will cause excessive uric acid concentration, unable to discharge the body normally, and precipitate uric acid crystals, which greatly increases the chance of gout attacks.

If you are diagnosed with high uric acid, you are worried that you will cause gout, then you should eat less.

1. Fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood foods

Relevant data shows that the purine content of 100 grams of seafood is as high as 150 mg, and excessive edible seafood can easily lead to a sharp increase in uric acid levels. The crystallization of uric acid salt is out of the joints, resulting in gout attacks.Everyone knows that high purine is the main cause of high uric acid. Although seafood foods are rich in nutrition and high protein content, the purine content is more amazing and much higher than other foods.Therefore, although seafood is delicious, you should not be greedy.

Second, high calories, animal viscera and other foods

Starting from physical health, it is recommended that patients with high uric acid usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and try to eat less foods and other foods as possible.High -calorie foods, such as fat, fried chicken and other food calories and purine content, are not low, the purine content of the internal organs of animals is even more eye -catching. 100 grams of pork large intestine contains 150 mg of purine, while the purine content of 100 grams of tomato is only 4.8Ms grams, the purine content of the two is far from each other.

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