Can I use skin care products when I am pregnant?Those without these ingredients can be used

Many people will ask, can you not use skin care products when you are pregnant?In fact, you must do skin care after pregnancy.Due to pregnancy, the estrogen in the body changes, and the body and skin of women have changed. At this time, the skin will become sensitive, it may become better or bad.At this time, the skin care products are only effective on the surface of the skin and have no effect on the fetus.

Since pregnancy can be skin care, is it possible to make up when you are pregnant?

Like eyebrow pencils, foundation, blush, etc. are used for face epidermis, without makeup, it will be spent in a few hours. How can it be absorbed?Many pregnant mothers will say that lipstick contain lead, will it enter the human body?In fact, as early as 2011, the United States tested the lead in lipsticks to prove that lead will not affect human health.So you can use it with confidence.

Regarding skin care, how many young sisters will think that as long as it is recommended by others, it is right to use it?Xiaobian, I actually used this idea before. Actually, is this wrong?Have you ever experienced such experiences, others use very effective, but the skin is getting worse and worse. Why do the same brand do this?This is because of the skin quality. Your skin quality is not suitable for this skin care product. Of course, others are effective. I also read this skin care article.The skin is also very poor. After communication with Duan Muxu, he helped me adjust the skin care plan. Now the skin is getting better and better. Now the little sisters around me are shouting to let me teach them.I think it is necessary to change the skin care plan. You will find that skin care is easy. You can find it online. Duanmuzu, the rest depends on whether you want to change.

If you are pregnant, can you not eat any food?

This seems to have nothing to do with the title, but there are too many people asking. I want to say it!Many places are circulating, and rabbit meat cannot be eaten, otherwise children will grow rabbit lips.Do not eat donkey meat, otherwise your child is bad.Do not eat mutton, president sister -in -law and so on.In fact, this is different from person to person. After all, everyone’s physical condition is different.As long as you look at the problem rationally and eat reasonably, you don’t need to worry too much.As long as you eat any food, but the amount is not too much.

well, let’s get back to business.Since you can use skin care products during pregnancy, is it that all skin care products can be used?If not, how can I judge whether I can use it?

Pregnant mothers who want to use skin care products have noticed that when choosing skin care products, avoid choosing several ingredients: vitamin A, chemical sunscreen, salicylic acid, benzyol.

Vitamin A is a relatively common skin care ingredient, which has the effects of wrinkle removal and anti -aging.

Chemical sunscreen contains zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and other ingredients.

Salmonic acid is generally used in acne and skin rejuvenation products.

Pipopenol is more commonly used in products that are more commonly used in whitening spots, but in my country, it is prohibited from being used in skin care and can only be used in medicines.

In addition to viewing the ingredients in skin care products, it is recommended to pay attention to moisturizing and hydrating in daily life.Other -efficient skin care products are recommended to use it after giving birth.

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