Can I use cosmetics during pregnancy, prospective dad, and moms, how much do you know?

Can I use cosmetics during pregnancy, prospective dad, and moms, how much do you know?

Every woman has to go through the happy moment of marriage and child, but in such a happy time, the beauty who loves beauty for the baby, in addition to sacrificing her own beautiful figure, often abandon the right to pursue beauty for the baby. Think about it.Great and distressed, so today the teacher will tell you about whether pregnancy can use cosmetics?Hope to help the mothers who have been struggling with or not?You are really too great ~~~

Regarding this issue, I will explain the knowledge today. During pregnancy, the child absorbs nutrition through the umbilical cord. The mother’s arterial blood vessels are squeezed, the blood is squeezed to the umbilical cord, and the baby is absorbed by the baby.Human skin is divided into three layers, the epidermis layer, the dermis layer, and subcutaneous tissue, the arterial blood vessels are tissue under the subcutaneous tissue. The dermis layer only has extremely fine capillaries, and the skin care products are mainly infiltrated in the epidermal layer.

Let me see the answer five times:

Unless you take it, most skin care products and cosmetics pregnant women can be used!Skin care products and cosmetics here do not include Sanwu products, Thai skin care products and various dog skin cream.

Why do pregnant women can use cosmetics, mainly because: skin care products are not used to eat, you are pregnant with uterus, not to get pregnant with face!

Reason 1: Because skin care products and cosmetics are used for coating, not for eating

Come to a skin constructor, skin care products and cosmetics are mainly used for the epidermis layer:

Almost all cosmetics are used only on the stratum corneum and particle layer. Most skin care products stop at the base layer. Even if this skin care product is extremely brave and brave, it will finally go to the dermis layer.And subcutaneous fat.Therefore, most skin care products and cosmetics cannot penetrate the blood and the body. Instead of worrying about this harmful substance of 0.0001%, you might as well drive a day to reduce the haze.

Reason 2: Most skin care products and cosmetics are not made of musk.

Do you think this is Zhen Huanzhuan?Is it abortion?Although the composition of skin care products and cosmetics is complicated, most of them are within the scope of our usual life contacts.

In short, if cosmetics and skin care products can cause abortion, the painless abortion of Maria Hospital does not need to open. Everyone directly wipes a blush to apply a mask.

Speaking of which, most mothers to be delivered are still dare not rest assured. Some things in skin care products are indeed not suitable for pregnant women. Choose the following 7 cosmetic items to analyze it.

Hair removal

During women’s pregnancy, more estrogen and progesterone levels in the body are more than when they are not pregnant, and endocrine will also change slightly. Some people may be obvious than usual after pregnancy.At this time, the hair removal should not be used, and it is not advisable to use an electric needle removal. You can use a special hair removal knife to scrape it.Zhang Yunping said that the hair removal agent is a chemical product, which will affect the health of the fetus; the effect of the electro -needle hair removal is not ideal, and the current stimulation will also hurt the fetus.

Freckle removal, freckle removal and freckle removal

Pregnant women will have the phenomenon of stains on the face of pregnancy. This is the result of endocrine changes, and it is also a normal physiological phenomenon rather than a pathological phenomenon.Zhang Yunping warned that pregnant women who tried to remove freckles should not enter the misunderstanding, because pregnant women wipe freckle cream on their faces, and the stains will generally fade slowly and naturally after production.Freckles during pregnancy will not only have good effects, but also because many freckle creams contain lead, mercury and other compounds and certain hormones. Long -term use will affect the development of the fetus, and there is a possibility of malformation.


Proper massage can relax the spirit of pregnant women and relieve tension and discomfort during pregnancy, but be sure to choose the appropriate method and location.Zhang Yunping said that it is generally not advocated that the abdomen of pregnant women should be massaged, and the intensity of feet reflection and pressing point massage must be light.


Whether pregnant women can steam sauna are currently controversial.Some people think that this is a cosmetic item that pregnant women should ban, because high temperatures with more than 50 degrees Celsius will increase the possibility of abortion in pregnant women who are pregnant for 3 months, and there is a possibility of premature birth after 7 months of pregnancy.Pregnant women in the late pregnancy can steam sauna, but each time it should not exceed 5 minutes.

Nail polish

Nail polish contains a substance called "acid ester". If this substance is absorbed, it is not only harmful to the health of people, but also causes abortion and malformation of pregnant women.Others believe that rhinate is particularly harmful to organs below the waist of the fetus and cause genital malformations.Mother’s breastfeeding uses cosmetics containing "acid ester". When children grow up, they may suffer from infertility or impotence.

Hair removal thick makeup

Because cosmetics cannot exclude components that are not good for the human body.Remind pregnant women, cosmetics should choose products with good breathability and small oily, otherwise it is not conducive to sweating when the weather is hot, which will affect the metabolic function of pregnant women.Pregnant women must not be dyed, and there are many chemical composition in hair dye. After penetrating the skin, it may be unfavorable to the growth of the fetus.

Therefore, the quasi -Ma Ma should not worry that the baby will be squeezed as the baby grows up the prospective mum every day, so there are a lot of hot mothers who are aging faster after giving birth to the baby!Therefore, skin care during pregnancy, no matter what time, just recognize safe skin care products!

Finally, I told the mother who was going to give birth: The mother who was pregnant should also maintain her own well. Pregnancy was not sick. Please enjoy this process!

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