Can I take contraceptives during breastfeeding?Beware of the baby’s health

Do I need contraception during breastfeeding?

Although the fertility ability will be reduced during breastfeeding, it does not mean that it cannot be conceived at all. Usually, even if the menstruation does not come to menstruation in the first few months, the body will exclude the first egg after birth before the first menstrual recovery. ThereforeIf you do not take contraceptive measures in time, you may be pregnant during breastfeeding.

Once you conceive accidentally, whether it is drug flow or abortion, even if there is no miscarriage, it will hurt people who have just given birth to a child. Therefore, after the restoration of breastfeeding, we must take contraceptive measures.

Can I take contraceptives during breastfeeding?

Because contraceptives contain many ingredients such as hormones, it is best not to take contraceptives during breastfeeding contraception, otherwise it will affect the health of mothers and babies:

Increase my mother’s body burden

Taking contraceptives during breastfeeding will have a bad impact on the mother’s body after giving birth.When breastfeeding is still in an unfinished recovery, taking contraceptives will bring a huge burden on the organs, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery.

Affect the secretion of milk

There are quite a lot of hormone components in contraceptives. If you take contraceptives during breastfeeding, it is likely to cause hormone secretion in the body, which will affect the normal secretion of milk, and may reduce the quality of milk.

Affect the baby’s development

The contraceptive pill contains a large amount of estrogen, and these hormone components are significantly exceeded the baby’s tolerance range. The hormone components enter the baby’s body through milk, which may cause the baby to develop early, and even cause irreversible damage to the baby.

How to contraception during breastfeeding?

Postpartum contraceptives should start from giving birth.Pregnant mothers who do not breastfeed may resume ovulation at about 40-50 days after giving birth. Breastfeeding mothers may restore ovulation in 3-8 months of postpartum. Postpartum ovulation and menstrual recovery are not necessarily synchronized, soDo not use menstruation as the standard for ovulation recovery, it is best to take contraceptive measures.

Internal Bareer

The inner birth in the upper palace is a long -term, simple, safe, economical, and flexible contraceptive method. It can be used in the uterine cavity for several years.After a month, the best time to go to the ring is 3-5 days after the menstruation is clean.


It is necessary to adhere to contraception from the first room after giving birth. The condom is a very simple, convenient and effective contraceptive method.One of the simple ways to prevent conception in the form of non -medicinal forms also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and AIDS.

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