Can I still raise a dog after pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to when you have a pregnant woman to raise a dog?

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Can I send the pet dog away after pregnancy?In some people’s minds, they cannot raise dogs after pregnancy, especially some elderly people are particularly disgusted with this matter. Recently, a pregnant mother has encountered such a thing. Because of the prevents of the family, only pets that have been raised for many years can be raised for many years.Dogs give away.

Pregnant mother Tongtong said that when she had a golden retriever, she informed her husband when she was ready for her baby. Pregnant women could raise dogs, and her husband happily agreed that she would continue to raise.But since her mother -in -law came, she tried to oppose her dog. Although her husband matched it from it to let her mother agree with her, her mother -in -law never agreed. The mother -in -law said that she did not discuss this issue!In order not to affect the relationship between her mother -in -law, the pregnant mother had to endure the golden retriever who had been raised for 4 years.

Can pregnant women raise dogs?

It is completely possible to raise pet dogs or pet cats. Many people feel that the main reason for pregnant women to raise dogs is to worry that some bacteria and parasites carried on pets will be transmitted to pregnant women, affecting the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Pregnant women cannot raise pets. This is a bit sensational!Worried infectious diseases and parasites are mainly rabies and bow -shaped worms. In fact, if you do a good job of nourishing pets, dogs are completely fine during pregnancy.

Although you can raise it, don’t care about it

There are pets in the family. Women are best to take pets to take blood checks before preparing for pregnancy. Check whether the pets (pet dogs, pet cats) at home are infected with toxoplasma and other germs.How worried.Pay attention to disinfection in the home, take pets to repeat and vaccine regularly, do not feed raw meat for pet dogs.When going out to slip, it is best for pregnant women not to hold the traction rope, so as not to drag the hostess.

Some female celebrities have many dogs who have dogs after pregnancy, such as Li Xiaolu, Ella, Sun Yan, and Tianwang Kun Ling, including Andy Lau, who are old, and his wife also has a golden retriever when she is pregnant.

Although it can be raised, pregnant mothers should not be careless. Pay attention to safety and hygiene. You can touch the dogs, but you must wash your hands frequently and avoid contacting pet feces. Do not continue to be a shit.

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