Can I raise pets when I am pregnant?You can raise it, but you must not raise it casually

Many families have raised pets today. The cute and cute pets are the accompaniment of the elderly and an indispensable member of the young couple family.However, after raising pets, the young couple entered the pregnancy preparation stage. Can they continue to raise pets?

Indeed, will it affect the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses on the health of pets. It is really not simply "yes" or "none."Because in real life, pregnant women who have been infected with bow -shaped worms have indeed been encountered, but there are indeed many cats and dogs who have a healthy baby …

In fact, for the controversy of pets during pregnancy, the focus is on the "Toxoplasma" on pets. So what is a bow -shaped worm?Is it really harmful to pregnant women?

Gow -shaped worms can be transmitted through maternal and infants, or can be eaten into the belly of the bow -shaped worm, such as a cat with a bow -shaped worm.Milk and so on …

For those with normal immune function, after the infection of the toxoplasma, most of them have no obvious symptoms, and they will not cause serious consequences.

According to the current statistics, the average of about 1/3 of people around the world has infected toxoplasma!However, people with good immunity have no symptoms in infection with Toxoplasma, but those with low or defects of immune function can invade the various organs of the human body and cause corresponding serious clinical manifestations, such as toxoplasma encephalopathy, bowworm eye disease, bowwormwormglinLiver disease, Toxoplasma Cartnogenitis, Toxoplasma pneumonia, etc.Children may show a central nervous system damage manifestation, and adults may experience retinal choroiditis.

After the early pregnancy of pregnant women infection, a few can occur, premature birth, death, or deformity. Infection infection in the middle and late pregnancy can cause diseases or deformities in the brain, eye, liver, heart, and lungs after the fetus occurs.If a woman is infected with a bowworm for the first time during pregnancy or near pregnancy, it will have the impact on the fetus.If a woman has been infected before pregnancy, there is no big problem.People who have been infected with bowworms will form immunity in their bodies and can protect the fetus from infection during pregnancy.You can see the infection of the toxoplasma torch through the TORCH detection.

If you are pregnant with a baby, especially those who have cats at home, it is also recommended to do it.This test usually detects two indicators: Toxoplasma IgG and IGM.When the Torch detection is positive or IgM and IgG at the same time, you need to find a specialist to help.

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