Can I only carry a cold and fever during pregnancy?Remember these treatment methods, you don’t worry about fever

After pregnancy, expectant mothers generally love sweat than usual, and their body is less immune, so it is particularly easy to catch a cold and fever. Usually, we must do a good job of prevention.


1 Keep your body dry, especially the back of the back. Once you sweat, wipe it with a towel as soon as possible to avoid cold colds.In addition, pay attention to cold protection and warmth, and increase or decrease clothes in a timely manner.

2 Pay attention to ventilation, hang a wet towel or a humidifier in the indoor to ensure humidity, pay attention to indoor hygiene, and give the respiratory tract comfortable environment, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of colds.In addition, it is best to change the bedding in diligence, it is best to avoid the accumulation of bacteria once a week.

3 Strengthen the sense of self -protection, do not go to the place where people are dense, wear a mask during pregnancy, if the family has a cold, they should be isolated.In addition, after going home, sneezing, coughing, or snoting, use soap to wash your hands immediately and clean it with flowing water.


1 After a cold, expectant mothers should pay attention to rest, strengthen nutrition, exercise more, and promote the cold as soon as possible.In addition, it should be noted that the body cannot continue to high temperature. High temperature can cause contractions and cause miscarriage. Even if there is no abortion, the high temperature exceeds 39 ° C for a long time, which may cause fetal babies.

2 The severe cold and disease are more urgent. It is prone to increase the temperature of the body temperature too fast. The physical method should be used to cool down quickly.However, the medication must be obtained by the doctor’s consent. You cannot decide on your own. The doctor will open some safer and effective Chinese medicine preparations in combination with the actual situation.

It should be reminded that although a cold and fever during pregnancy cannot be taken casually, it may be more harmful to the baby’s development, so do not delay or hardly carry it. You must actively treat it.

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