Can I have the same room during pregnancy?It turns out that the same room during pregnancy is good for the fetus, and the knowledge of the rise after reading!

Many married couples, because they are not careful, they will be pregnant with their babies and just married couples, once they are pregnant with a baby.No matter how sweet, you can only wait for ten months.However, some experts said that when women are pregnant, in the case of normal body, in addition to early and late pregnancy, when the middle of pregnancy is in the middle of pregnancy, if the expectant mother’s physical fitness is better, and the movement can also ensure softness and slowness.Mom has no experience in miscarriage and so on. It can not only hurt the fetus in the abdomen, but also have good benefits to the fetus in the abdomen. Let’s take a look together!

Can I have the same room during pregnancy?It turns out that the same room during pregnancy is good for the fetus, and the knowledge of the rise after reading!

1. Can promote the body’s body development

In fact, when pregnant women exercise, the fetus will have a sense of vibration. If it is the same room, the fetus will feel this.However, pregnant women should not worry about this vibration feeling that will affect the fetus, because the fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid tightly in the uterus, which can cushion some external impacts.And some studies have shown that the fetus likes this sense of shock, which will make the fetus very happy.And in the process of the same room, the blood of the expectant mother’s body may be concentrated in the abdomen more, so that the blood vessels on the skin will fully expand, and at the same time, it will bring more oxygen to the fetus, so that the fetus will develop.Fast faster.

2. Can promote the intellectual development of the fetus

In the same room during pregnancy, it will increase the index of the mood of the mood of pregnant women hormones and the posterior pituitary gland, and these hormones will make pregnant women feel very happy.If the pregnant woman is happy, the fetus will maintain a happy mood, and the skin of the pregnant woman will become more shiny.Starting in the second trimester, the same room during this period will help the increase in husband and wife emotion.And the fetus has the protection of amniotic fluid and will not be affected too much.And it will produce a pleasant hormone, and this hormonal can stimulate the contraction of the fetal brain nerve, which is conducive to the development of the fetal brain.

When the same room during pregnancy, pay attention to the following situation

1. In the same room during pregnancy, try not to press the body’s weight on the wife’s abdomen.

2. Use pillows to make your wife comfortable, and at the same time, keep as much as possible with his wife’s body curve.

3. During pregnancy, the vaginal secretions increase and the resistance decreases. Before the same room, both the husband and wife should clean the vulva and maintain hygiene.

4. The prospective dad should consider the psychological and physical discomfort of the wife when pregnancy.

5. The prospective dad should care about his wife, respect his wife, and forcibly forcibly forcibly the same room.

6. The time and strength of the same room during pregnancy should be appropriate, the movement should be slow, and avoid excessive stimulation.

In the life of the couple during pregnancy, according to the physical condition of the expectant mother, we must also pay attention to some subtle changes in the body in the life of the husband and wife.After some elders in the family learned that women were pregnant, they would ask the couple to sleep in two rooms to avoid young couples from controlling themselves and hurting the fetus in the belly.In fact, this approach is incorrect. If the couple are forced to sleep separately, it may affect the relationship between the couple’s two, which is not conducive to the harmony of the husband and wife, so the elders do not need to do so.

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