Can I have a caesarean section at 36 weeks of pregnancy?Look at the 10 situations of these 6 questions, and make a decision.

A friend asked, "Can I have a caesarean section in thirty -six weeks?" Why? "

According to the rules of fetal development, 37 weeks are full moon. The child is born logically. It is less than a month in 36 weeks. The child may have such problems, but it is necessary to have to have a cesarean section at 36 weeks, and it is not possible.

1. Weight: The weight of the fetus at 36 weeks is about 2700g, and the weight of the full moon is 2800-3500g.

2. Body length: 36 weeks of fetal fetus 47 cm long, and the length of the full moon is 48-50 cm.

3. Physical appearance: The fetal skin is still very thin at 36 weeks. You can see a faint red blood vessels. The subcutaneous fat is not very thick, the skin folds are more, the insulation ability is poor, and the fluff on the body is more.The skin of the full moon is thicker, the color of the skin is better, the subcutaneous fat is more, more round and full, the insulation ability is particularly good, the fetal hair on the body basically falls off.

4. Lung Development: Although the fetal lungs can play a certain function at 36 weeks, it is not very complete.The lungs of the full moon are complete, and they can quickly achieve autonomous breathing after birth.The lungs of the full moon are fully developed, the functions are more complete, and the autonomous breathing ability is stronger.

5. Brain development: 36 weeks of fetal brain is enough to play function, but it also needs to be improved.After 37 weeks, it is another critical period of brain development, which is relatively smarter.

6. Immune system: The fetal immune function is very poor at 36 weeks. After birth, it must rely on high -quality breast milk to obtain a certain immune ability.The full -moon children’s immune function is complete, and the ability to resist disease is more powerful.

Although it is a full -month after 37 weeks, a caesarean section can be used for a full moon, but the fetus is equivalent to 10 days outside in the mother’s belly for 1 day. It can be one day a day. The organs of the fetus are more complete and easier to care after birth.

It is generally recommended to have a cesarean section after 39 weeks. At this time, the fetal development is the most complete, and most of the contraction pain will not occur. For maternal pain, it will be free of as much pain.If you wait for 40 weeks, the chance of contraction pain will be greater, which violates the original intention of choosing a cesarean section.

Of course, many situations are not what we can. If the cesarean section is caused by various reasons for 36 weeks, it is still good for adults and children.Weighing the advantages and disadvantages, choosing the right cesarean section is the most important.

1. Pregnant mothers have pregnancy and hypertension. If they are not produced, they are prone to eclampsia, which will endanger the lives of maternal and fetus.

2. Pregnant mothers have gestational diabetes, which will lead to delay in fetal development. Early cesarean section is also responsible for the fetus.

3. Less or more amniotic fluid will affect the normal oxygen supply of the fetus. It is best to take a cesarean section in advance.

4. The umbilical cord around the neck causes the fetus to be hypoxic. Ask the child to be born in advance, it can save the child’s life.

5. Early breaking amniotic fluid. If the amniotic fluid is ruptured, this is a sign of entering the production process.

6. The pre -placenta is likely to be in danger of big bleeding, and it should be produced in a timely manner.

7. Pregnant women infected the disease. If it is serious, it may cause infection in the palace and threaten the fetus in time.

8. It is also possible to mobilize the fetus in advance. Some babies are launched in 28 weeks, and they are familiar. They will appear in various situations, and they must be prepared.

9. Twins or polygons generally have a cesarean section in advance, mainly because the mother cannot withstand the later pregnancy.

10. If the first tire is a cesarean section, the uterine wall is particularly thin, and the danger of uterine rupture should be cesas in time.

In short, 36 weeks can be caesarean. If you can wait until 39 weeks, if the above 10 cases occur, it is recommended to cut it in time!The new second childboy mother, Career Hero, who used to be in the workplace, and the winner of Qingyun plan, won the original invitations of multiple platforms.Jia Youbao was sent to cultural exchanges in the United States.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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