Can I get pregnant with uterine fibroids?What measures can I take for uterine fibroids after pregnancy?

Mulbal fibroids believe that many female friends must be familiar with. This is one of the most common benign tumors in the human body. It is also known as fibromyroidoma.

Many friends will ask, can I get pregnant with uterine fibroids?What should I do if I find uterine fibroids after pregnancy?Is there any treatment?Don’t worry, Xiaobian tells you the answer to the question.

Can I get pregnant with uterine fibroids? It can be pregnant with uterine fibroids, but it will reduce the chance of women’s conception. Moreover, the impact of uterine fibroids on pregnancy and childbirth is related to the type and size of uterine fibroids.There may be the following symptoms, which can easily lead to early abortion, because fibroids will deform inside the uterine cavity.

And the endometrium will cause miscarriage due to the excessive blood supply of fibroids.Abnormal fetal positions, patients with uterine fibroids may occur during childbirth, fetal position abnormalities, placental low placement, and birth canal infarction.Patients with postpartum bleeding may cause postpartum bleeding due to symptoms such as placental adhesion or poor uterine contraction in the fetus after delivery.

These situations are very dangerous. Patients with uterine fibroids should go to the hospital in time. Under the advice of the doctor, they should be treated in time to prepare for pregnancy.The situation that affects its own health and safety should be prepared after removal of uterine fibroids.

What should I do if I find uterine fibroids after pregnancy? After I find uterine fibroids after pregnancy, expectant mothers should not panic.Because most expectant mothers are stable during pregnancy, they must also pay attention to some possible complications.Once red degeneration occurs, pain or abortion usually occurs, but this chance is very small, only 10%.

First of all, we found this situation. We must choose conservative treatment and rest in bed. Under the advice of doctors, some antibiotics can be used for treatment. If conservative treatment fails, under the advice of the doctor, surgical treatment.

However, it is generally not recommended for patients with uterine fibroids for surgery during pregnancy, because surgery is risky, which may lead to excessive blood loss, abortion, premature birth, etc.There is a certain harm.

So, what uterine fibroids must be treated with surgery? In the following situations, surgery is required.Uterine fibroids increase abnormalities or uterine fibroids grow to the pelvic cavity, or fibroids are compressed to organs. A very serious discomfort occurs, and surgery is required. The surgery time should be performed around 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Patients with uterine fibroids must pay attention to this disease. Under the advice of a doctor, we must carefully look at their diseases.Only by paying attention to and obeying the doctor’s suggestion can there be a healthy body and a beautiful life.

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