Can I get pregnant naturally?

Doctor, I was checked out of the fallopian tube blocking,

Can I still get pregnant?

Doctor, my last ectopic pregnancy,

Is it because of fallopian tubes blocked?

In outpatient clinics, patients are often encountered repeatedly asking such questions.

The fallopian tubes are known as the "bridge of life", connecting the ovaries and uterus.Every month, "Miss Ovi" will carefully dress up, go to Qiaoqiao to wait for love, "Mr. Jing" to complete a grand life adventure.

Once the bridge is unreasonable, "Miss Egg" and "Mr. Jing" cannot meet each other, which makes people feel desperate infertility.

So, today we will study the "secret" of the fallopian tube in detail:

In fact, there are many reasons for fallopian tubes. The infection of reproductive systems such as vaginitis and cervicitis has not been treated in time. Continuing upward infection can cause pelvic inflammation and make the entire pelvic environment worse.Covering in the inside; infection in the uterine cavity can induce rhodolga clogging, the most common is artificial abortion.

But the most important cause is caused by tubal inflammation.Depending on the degree of tubal blockage, it is divided into four levels: first levels: fallopian tubes are not smooth; level 2: fallopian tubes are not closed; level 3: fallopian tubes are completely unreasonable; level 4: fallopian tubes do not pass water.

At present, the diagnosis of fallopian tube blocking is mainly fallopian tubal liquid flux and uterine fallopian tube film.

How to choose a diagnostic method?Try to choose painlessness, little side effects, and high accuracy according to your own condition. Fallopian tube film creation is a good choice.It has the advantages of painlessness, radiation -free, and real -time dynamic dynamics. It can observe the flowing agent in real time through the flow of the aura and fallopian tubes and the distribution after entering the pelvic cavity.The lesions of the pelvic cavity are comprehensively evaluated.

After the diagnosis of fallopian tubes is clearly diagnosed, tubal dredging treatment should be performed in time.The tubal dredging patented technology adopted by our hospital — Wang’s composite and dredging, mainly treating fallopian tube diseases.Under the entire process of computer monitoring, in conjunction with self -developed anti -infection and anti -adhesion patent preparations, no anesthesia, surgery, micro -wounds, and painful pain are needed. Twenty minutes quickly clear the blocked fallopian tube, creating a miracle for the women who judge the "birth death penalty" womanEssence

If the fallopian tube is cured after the treatment, the doctor will recommend that the patient will be pregnant as soon as possible.In order to increase the surrogacy rate, you can monitor ovulation under the guidance of a doctor and have a timely room.

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