Can I get pregnant?Do these 5 things well, you can also keep your heart with your heart

Urexia is a very serious nephropathy. It can only maintain life through hemodialysis and kidney transplantation. At the same time, it is necessary to take medicines on time. Only in this way can patients suffer from suffering. For some patients in the childbearing age,Whether patients with uremia may be pregnant is a very important question.

Patients with uremia also have a certain chance to get pregnant.Due to the impact of uremia itself and the impact of dialysis, the chance of pregnancy in patients with uremia is about 1/8 of normal people.Patients with uremia are more dangerous. After pregnancy, the burden on the kidneys will increase, which may increase the original condition and even cause kidney function to deteriorate.

In addition, after pregnancy in patients with uremia, there is also a prone to abortion, premature birth, and dead tires, and dialysis will also have a certain impact on the growth and development of the fetus.

1. Increase the number of dialysis

Under normal circumstances, patients with uremia need to have dialysis three times a week, but if it is a pregnant woman, the frequency of dialysis should be relatively high.Control at 55mg/dl.

2. Adjust carbonate

The acid and alkali value in the blood in patients with uremia are originally acidic. Therefore, when dialysis, the excess acidic substances in the body should be used to use carbonate in the body.If it is patients with uremia who are already pregnant, adjust the carbonate concentration before daily dialysis to 25Meg/L.

3. Pay attention to the concentration of calcium ions in the dialysis fluid

When normal women are pregnant at 40 weeks, the required calcium ion concentration is about 25 ~ 30 grams, while patients with uremia are treated with high calcium concentration ionic liquid.Urexia pregnant women can get sufficient calcium ion in 5 weeks of dialysis 30 times in 5 weeks. In addition, vitamin D3 will also secrete in the placenta during pregnancy, so that the gastrointestinal tract can better absorb calcium, phosphorus and other substances. ThereforePatients with uremia should pay attention to the reduction of calcium ions and hypertrophic disease every week.

4. Reasonable use of anticoagulants

Patients with uremia will use a certain anticoagulant when treated with kidney dialysis, which can prevent blood from solidifying when blood circulation in vitro.Pregnant women can also use anticoagulants because this drug does not cause damage to the fetus through the placenta. So far, the potential of fetal death has not been caused by the use of anticoagulant stains.

5. Prevent anemia

Most patients with uremia will have anemia, and patients with uremia who are pregnant are no exception. Therefore, a substance called erythroma -productin is used to improve anemia.Can make the fetus deformity.In addition, it is necessary to reasonably supplement iron and folic acid. Iron elements can reduce the chance of anemia. Folic acid can not only prevent fetal nerve tube defects, but also maintain normal physiological needs of patients with uremia.

Kind tips

Although patients with uremia also have the possibility of pregnancy, and a series of interventions also have a high chance that they will give birth to a healthy baby, it is best to communicate with doctors in the nephrology before pregnancy, because patients with uremia patients are pregnant and produced in pregnancy and production.It is a more dangerous thing.

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