Can I exercise after pregnancy?

Last week, at the Olympic Athletic Tournament held in Oregon, a special figure attracted the attention of countless audiences.

Her name is Lindsay Flach, a 31 -year -old athlete.

At the same time, she is also a pregnant woman who is pregnant 18 weeks.

In the cognition of many people, pregnant women generally try to avoid strenuous exercise.

But Lindsi not only played like not pregnant,

Participating is the most cruel all -around project in women’s track and field.

The so -called seven versatile, as the name suggests, includes the all -around sports competition of seven track and field projects.

The conditions of this competition are extremely harsh. Participants need to complete the column, high jump, shot, 200 meters of running in the first day, and then the next day, the long -term jump, jab and 800 meters run.

The rhythm of such a dense game is a huge test for ordinary athletes, let alone a pregnant woman?

However, Lin Sai’s healthy posture and sharp pace proved that she was indeed possible.


(high jump)



Links participated in all seven projects and finally achieved 15th place.

This is not the best result of Lindsi in this project, but as the major media said,

In this case, the results are no longer important, and her participation itself is a victory.

Seven consecutive games in 18 weeks of pregnancy, from the perspective of ordinary people, are not daring to think at all.

After all, ordinary people may even be inconvenient in daily life when they are pregnant, let alone running, column, and jumping.

So, is the athlete’s body different from ordinary pregnant women?

of course not,

Normal people have experienced reactions during pregnancy. Linco has experienced it.

In the first three months of pregnancy, she vomited three or four times a day, couldn’t eat anything, and couldn’t even drink water. She had to rely on infusion to ensure that her body was not dehydrated.

After the pregnancy, the headache and stomach pain started torture Lin Sai again day and night.

In this case, why should we insist on participating in the competition?

This question has also asked himself.

As an athlete, Linksen’s career is not smooth, and

In 2012 and 2016, she twice regretted losing their qualifications with the Olympic Games.

Just as she was desperately trained for the Qualifications of the Tokyo Olympics, the epidemic appeared again, and the Olympic Games became far away.

One year later, it was difficult to hold the Olympic Games.

Lin Sai found that he was pregnant again.

The blows again and again may have given up the struggle,

But Lingsai is a ruthless person. She does not allow her athletes to end like this.

Even if she is pregnant, she is still eager to end her love career in a formal game.

Especially after seeing some cases, Lincai does not think that the identity of pregnant women and athletes is irresistible.

"There are many stories about exercise during pregnancy. The bodies of women and mothers are never weak. Their ability is far more than the degree of allowing or recognition of people. I am happy to prove this."

The determination Lindsai actively prepares for the contest.

On the eve of the game, the reaction of Lindsa’s pregnancy was much better, and several good training was conducted.

She asked the doctor to make an evaluation again to confirm that she could participate in the competition in her current state.

In case of prevention in just in case, Lindsi has taken a lot of necessary prevention measures,

I also figured out the strategy in advance about the situation in the game, and put the health of myself and the child.

The temperature of Oregon on the weekend is approaching 40 degrees. To complete seven competitions in such a high temperature, Lindsi finally made a lot of concessions.

Not only did she slow down many to avoid falling in terms of speed, but she did not force herself in the last 800 -meter race. She only ran 100 meters and left the track.

There is no regret in Linchan, "I know I can’t return to the level before 18 weeks."

"It is great to end a stage of life in your own way and start the next chapter."

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Let me share with you another story of pregnancy and fitness

Because I have always been a sports enthusiast, I like to run and dance.So during pregnancy, I also insisted on the habit of exercise and became a different existence of the gym.In addition to the regular production inspection, the gym is iron -legged and practicing the arm every week. The arm training has become a lifestyle during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers come to consult my questions about fitness during pregnancy. Or decide to write an article to answer questions.

Can I exercise during pregnancy?Why exercise?

The concept of exercise during pregnancy has been popularized abroad. However, many mothers in the country are a little bit of a bow. After learning that they are pregnant, they will become a bit cautious, fearing that they will have any accidents.

Avoid the first three months and three months of pregnancy, in the second trimester, doing some pregnant women’s yoga, pregnant women’s aerobic exercise, swimming and other cardiopulmonary exercise and muscle endurance training are very useful for pregnant women.

Of course, the prerequisite is to follow the doctor’s advice. If there are not multiple abortion history, elderly maternal or pregnancy complications, etc., doctors generally do not recommend to take more walks and move more.If the pregnant mother does not have exercise habits before, it is recommended to start with a relatively lightweight exercise such as walking and yoga during pregnancy. Don’t see the female stars sweating in the gym.The money invited professional coaches to guide and formulate plans, so there is no basic pregnant mothers who recommend gradual progress, or go to the gym to ask for professional private teaching guidance.Look at the suggestions of the great gods.

Can I exercise during pregnancy?The answer is beyond doubt.The original intention of my pregnancy exercise was not to avoid excessive obesity. Perseverance has been a living habit that I have developed over the years.

My pregnancy exercise recommendation during pregnancy

There is no basic pregnant mother:

1. You can conduct yoga that someone is directed. Whether it is video on the Internet, many offline hospitals, including confinement centers, have free pregnancy yoga courses. It is recommended that unwanted pregnant mothers still need coaches to lead, because watching videos to watch videosIf the movement is not in place, it will be easily injured.Almost all hospitals that can be built have similar courses, and pregnant mothers can pay attention to the school school of pregnant women in your archive hospital.

2. Persist in walking or walking during pregnancy. This is the most economical and safe movement method!It is recommended that the steps are slightly faster, and it is recommended to take more than 10,000 steps daily.

Pregnant mothers with certain exercise habits:

1. Swimming, in fact, swimming is very beneficial to pregnant mothers, and it is also helpful for fetal position correction. However, in China, many swimming pools do not meet the standards. Therefore, conditional mothers who have conditions can find moderately exercising swimming pools.

2.Tracy pregnant women (artifacts for pregnant women at home) are 9 months, from the first month to ninth month.For roughly 42MINS, the intensity is relatively large than the yoga and aerobic exercises on the market. It is estimated that many people are not difficult for pregnant women to persist in doing it. It feels great after finishing sweating!The number of pregnant mothers who do not have exercise habits are expected to halve, and I have worked hard.The great god is really not covered, kneeling.The strength of the first half of the arm+cardiopulmonary training, the training of the legs in the second half is the most abused moment, and insistence is victory.(This set has albums on Youku, everyone will search for Youku)

3. Training for cardiopulmonary and muscle groups in the gym.My general habit is to go to the treadmill for 30 minutes or an ellipse machine.After the warm -up is completed, the legs and arms are practiced, and occasionally practicing the back, all those who are trained with the abdomen do not touch.Because in the process of production, maintaining a certain physical strength, the force of the thighs and arms is very helpful to shorten the output process, so I will be targeted with legs and arms, and at the same time strengthen the cardiopulmonary.The time will be longer than the average person, and it is easier to give birth.

The benefits of giving me during pregnancy exercise

Stay away from puffiness, I am 7 months old, but except that my stomach is large, my thighs are a little bit meaty, and there is basically no change.Especially the feet, 36.5 shoes have not changed at all, saving money to buy pregnant women’s shoes.

Stay away from the diabetes of pregnant women, and the pregnant mother around me when I was pregnant, and warned me to be careful of pregnant women’s diabetes. When I went to the birth check, I also found that many pregnant women suffer from diabetes. In addition to paying attention to diet, exercise can help us better metabolize sugar and excess excess.Calories.

The walking is light, and there is no feeling of fatigue and sleepy. People with exercise habits know that the body will become comfortable and relaxed after exercise.I am walking and winding now, and the steps are fast, but I won’t feel tired, but also the benefits of movement.

Last words

Of course, in the process of exercise during pregnancy, some friends questioned it, and even said that I was too dangerous to do so, which was not responsible for my baby.

What I want to say is that the modern network is so developed, and the cases of fitness during pregnancy are not uncommon. To eliminate negative thoughts, health and scientific pregnancy lifestyles are actually more worthy of my insistence than you do not move your mind.The exercise is not only to control the more graceful body shape of weight. The process of accepting and understanding the movement is also a process of continuous progress of a person’s thoughts and willpower.When you insist on exercise, you also find that the movement brings you not only the change of appearance, but also a kind of mental strength, a willpower and self -control.

Finally, we should remind you of pregnant mothers to check on time and obey your doctor’s advice. It is the prerequisite for ensuring our exercise during pregnancy.

Of course, I also want to thank my husband who loves sports. I urge me every day to encourage me when I was lazy. It would be a very happy thing if I could pull my husband to work together!

I hope that every expectant mother can enjoy the pregnancy, live a wonderful, and give birth to a healthy sunshine.

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