Can I eat kelp during pregnancy?You can eat it, but don’t eat more, share the three recipes suitable for pregnant women


Can I eat kelp during pregnancy?You can eat it, but don’t eat more, share the three recipes suitable for pregnant women!

Pregnancy and having children are a major event in women’s lives, and it is also a thing that families must be treated seriously.Since women are pregnant, their families will take care of them. They will not let work, be tired, and fear that the baby in the belly will be cautious in diet. This cannot be eaten.Abortion is troublesome.

Recently, relatives’ daughter -in -law is pregnant, and go to the hospital to consult a doctor. What should pregnant women eat? In the meantime, after asking for pregnancy, she can eat kelp, because the daughter -in -law likes to eat kelp before pregnancy. He is worried about eating kelp.not good.The doctor replied: After pregnancy, you can eat kelp in moderation, but don’t eat more. Why?

Because the kelp is rich in iodine, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, iron and other necessary trace elements, the iodine content is as high as 5%-8%.Diet therapy.Pregnant women eat kelp can protect breasts, prevent proliferation, strong bones, moisturize hair, and promote fetal bone development. It can also play a certain preventive role in ionizing radiation, which benefits the mother and baby at the same time.It is good for diuretic and swelling, so kelp is suitable for pregnant women.

However, no matter how good the food can be eaten, because after pregnancy, there will be reactions. Once you eat more, you will have a great appetite and cause vomiting symptoms. In additionAs the blood circulation enters the fetus, it may cause thyroid dysfunction, so after pregnancy, the kelp cannot be eaten too much.We can do it everywhere and five for her.Here are three kelp recipes suitable for pregnant women. Nutrition and deliciousness. If you feel useful, look at it slowly.

The first, [kelp stewed pork ribs]

Main ingredients: Treasure, kelp.

Seasoning: salt, green onions, ginger, cooking wine.

Operation steps: 1. Chop the pork pork bone into a small section, clean it, put it in the plate, and then add the seasonings such as salt, cooking wine, and grab it for a while.

2. Put the kelp into the water, clean it, wash off the slippery mucus, cut it into fine wire, wash it in the pot water and simmer, and then soak it in the water.

3. Put the ribs into the pot, add water, shallots, cooking wine, and ginger slices to boil, skim off the foam, turn to small heat for 20 minutes, add kelp shreds, and then simmer for 20 minutes.It’s out of the pan.This recipe has the effect of calcium supplementation and iodine.

The second, [Beef kelp soup]

Main ingredients: Niu Liu, kelp.

Seasoning: Edible oil, salt, shallots, ginger, cooking wine, pepper, raw soy sauce, garlic, starch.

Operation steps: 1. Wash the kelp, cut into filaments, and cut the cow willow into shreds. Add salt, cooking wine, pepper, raw soy sauce, starch and marinate evenly.

2. Boil the oil in the pan. Put the oil in the oil and stir -fry the aroma, then add the beef willow, fry until the discoloration is changed, and then pour it into the water and boil.

3, then add the kelp, boil the high heat, skim off the foam above, turn to small heat for 5 minutes, add a little salt to season, and you can get out of the pot.Both beef and kelp are high -protein foods. After consumption, they can improve immunity and play a very important role in the health of pregnant women and children.

The third, [Winter melon shrimp naval soup]

Main ingredients: winter melon, shrimp, kelp.

Seasoning: salt, cooking wine, chicken essence.

Operation steps: 1. Clean the kelp, cut into fine wires, put it in the pot and simmer, and remove the dry water.Take an appropriate amount of winter melon, peel the seeds, cut into small pieces, wash and set aside.

2. Add edible oil to the pot. After the oil is hot, put the melon and shredded shredded in the pot and stir fry the high heat until the melon is broken.

3. Then add water, boil the heat, turn to low heat for 5 minutes, add shrimp and turn off the hot pot.The nutritional value of this soup is very high, and it can supplement nutrients for pregnant women and can also prevent edema.

Regarding whether you can eat kelp after pregnancy, and pregnant women eat kelp recipes, share here, friends, do you like my sharing?Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area and share with Ai Xi. The cooking skills are limited. Please give me a lot.

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