Can I eat hot pot during pregnancy?I do n’t have to eat hot pot often, and there are still these kinds not to eat as much as possible

In the cold winter, or sitting in the air -conditioned room in the hot weather, it is a very pleasant and satisfying thing to eat hot pot with a few relatives and friends.Due to the change in the taste of pregnancy, she also likes to eat hot pot with the prospective dad to solve it.

In fact, pregnant mothers occasionally eat hot pot, but it is not possible to eat hot pot often. Don’t think that picking vegetables or less spicy. The hot pot is far from what you see.

High protein of hot pot food

Eating hot pot is indispensable for all kinds of meat and some soy products and vegetables. Meat foods are generally fat and thin, with more fat. Eating more can easily cause obesity.At this time, brushing vegetables, soy products, etc. are high purines, high -fat, and high -calorie foods. If you like hot pot and often eat hot pot, you will have a certain impact on health.

Unexpicious food can’t eat

Many people like to eat 8 cooked meat or fish fillets. They do not know that these unfamiliar foods may have a bow -shaped worm. If the pregnant mother eats it, it can be transmitted to the baby through the placenta.Fetal development is not sound.

Repeated soup base contains nitrite

Sometimes eating hot pot at home, many people are reluctant to dump the soup base, and feel that the soup base made at home will be healthier. In fact, even if the soup base at home is used, it will be better.For a night fermentation, the content of nitrite is very high.

If you continue to brush vegetables the next day, after these nitrite soup enters the stomach, it will react with protein decomposition products under the action of gastric acid to produce nitrite, which has a strong AI effect.

Eating environment has a great impact

The place to eat hot pot is usually closed space, the air flow is slow, and there are any taste. If the pregnant mother stays in it for a long time, it will also affect the health of the body.

Therefore, hot pot is really not suitable for pregnant mothers. Let’s wait for the baby to eat after birth. Don’t know that eating hot pot is not good for the baby and can’t help but eat it. After eating, you regret it.

Hot and sour powder

Many people like hot and sour powder, because they are hot and sour, they are particularly enjoyable, and they have to eat a few times when they are pregnant.But in fact, hot and sour powder adds a lot of conditioning and pepper powder during cooking. Excessive consumption will increase constipation during pregnancy, and the taste is thirsty for the pregnant mother.

If the pregnant mother likes to eat spicy powder, you can make sweet potato powder at home, add more vegetables and lean meat, and then cook it with vinegar and a small amount of chili sauce for a while, so that you eat healthier.

Canned food

Those canned fruits and canned vegetables look very bright and seductive. In fact, it is not suitable for pregnant mothers because it contains a certain amount of additives, such as pigmentation, sweet agent, etc. In the allowable range, ordinary people will not have anything to eat when they eat it.Impact, but pregnant mothers often have an impact on the development of the fetus, because the metabolic function of the fetus is not sound, and the harmful substances taken by the mother’s intake cannot be excreted.

cold drink

A cup of cold drinks in summer can make people feel comfortable, but pregnant mothers still have to eat less cold drinks, because the degree of cold and cold during pregnancy is more sensitive. Eating more cold drinks will cause gastrointestinal blood to shrink and reduce gastric fluid secretion.This causes indigestion, diarrhea, stomach cramps, etc.

sugar cane

Contains a large amount of sucrose, after entering the gastrointestinal tract to decompose and digestion, the blood glucose concentration in the body will increase. When the blood glucose exceeds the normal level, it can easily cause itching of the skin.

In addition, pregnant mothers often eat sugarcane and are easy to gain weight, and it is easy to raise a huge child and affect the delivery.

at last

During pregnancy, the diet of pregnant mothers looks complicated. It is actually different from person to person. Pregnant mothers who have good constitution are not afraid of eating anything. The weak pregnant mothers are particularly easy to cause various problems.Therefore, pregnant mothers should choose a diet that suits them according to their physical condition and escort health!

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