Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?Eternism has such a beautiful effect!

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We will pay special attention to what skin care products should be used during pregnancy, but we will be more vague about how to treat hair and nails during pregnancy.In fact, hormones have a wonderful effect during pregnancy, which can nourish our hair and nails.

1. Hair during pregnancy

1. What will happen to the hair during pregnancy?

E progression will reduce the frequency of hair loss. You may rarely find the hair on the comb on the whole pregnancy, making the pregnant mother’s hair more dense and shiny.

This is why some mothers have hair loss after giving birth. They are also because of progesterone, because the progesterone has extended the life of the growing hair follicles during pregnancy, which makes it "over -time service".The hair of service retired has been retired.

Although the amount of hair during pregnancy has increased, it seems that the feelings and the feelings are also different from before pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers’ hair will become dry than before, and some will become greasy than before.

2. How to care for hair during pregnancy?

1) You must also be a beautiful pregnant mother during pregnancy, so choose hairstyles that are commensurate with your hair and face.Remember to combine the special changes brought about by this special period during pregnancy. For example, it is more greasy, it is not suitable for straight hair;

2) Maybe you will no longer apply shampoo you used to habits during pregnancy, you need to try different shampoo.If your hair is very dry, use less shampoo.And no matter what kind of hair, you must use a mild and weak shampoo, so that it will not destroy the natural oil on the scalp.

3) It is best to dry your hair with a towel instead of excessively relying on the hair dryer. If it is winter, wipe the warm places and then dry it with a hair dryer.

4) Massage the scalp when washing your hair to stimulate the scalp blood circulation.

3. Don’t dye your hair

It is necessary to change or improve the image during pregnancy, but the hair dye needs to be cautious.Although the study has confirmed that hair dyeing during pregnancy is safe, chemicals for hair dyeing have never been proven to be safe.A 2009 study mentioned in the book "Syls Pregnancy Encyclopedia", which found that the risk of birth defects in hairdressing shops will double the risk of birth defects.Especially for 3 months of pregnancy, it is absolutely wise to avoid contact with hair dye.

2. Nails during pregnancy

1. Nails are also changing quietly

Hair and nails have the same source of embryo, so you will find that the pregnant mother will find that not only the hair is changing, but also the nails.During pregnancy, the nails will grow faster, and some pregnant mothers’ nails will become more tough, and some will find that the nails are more fragile and easy to break.

2. Nail care tips during pregnancy

Try not to leave long nails, so that they will break less opportunities.

Remember to wipe your hand cream. If you feel trouble during the day, you can use it before going to bed.

Megong capsules can nourish nails and can also be taken during pregnancy.

When washing dishes and doing housework, bring protective gloves.

3, do not need a armor

Let your nails return to natural when you are pregnant!Acrylic nails contain some of the most toxic solvents, which will not only harm the nails, but also emit a harmful smell.

Just as those "not good" brought by pregnancy, the glorious moments of hair and nails will not last long. Generally, it will slowly dissipate within a few months after delivery.However, if breastfeeding is used, the additional benefits brought by the hair for pregnancy may last longer.

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