Can I drink milk tea during breastfeeding?What is milk tea? These 4 types cannot be eaten during breastfeeding


As soon as the summer arrives, all kinds of ice cream, frozen drinks are particularly popular. The business of milk tea shops on the street has become extremely hot. Even young mothers who are breastfeeding are drinking milk tea.

Mother breastfeeding mother?

Can I drink milk tea during breastfeeding?

Some people think that during breastfeeding, you should also feed your baby. You should not drink milk tea. Of course, there are other messy things.

However, mothers think that when you are pregnant, you have to avoid his mouth. After ten months, the baby is born to feed, and you still have to taboo?If breastfeeding is fed for two years, wouldn’t it be almost three years that could not drink milk tea?

Think about it.

Anyway, I didn’t have as long as I did, and I also drank milk tea during breastfeeding.

A friend of me said: Milk is very nutritious. Tea can also reduce lipids and lose weight. Sugar can increase energy, promote appetite, and make people happy. Why ca n’t you drink it together?

Hey, let’s rogue!

▶ In fact, it is possible.

As a drink, milk tea is mixed with milk and tea.Especially when you add some ice in the summer, the ice is refreshing, it is simply to be in love.

The milk in milk tea is rich in nutrition. It is rich in protein, calcium, lactose, etc., which can help the human body supplement protein and other nutrients, promote bone development, and adjust the intestinal tract.

Tea is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, remove stools, protect intestinal health, and reduce weight loss.

Tea also contains a fluorine that protects teeth.

Tea also contains a lot of natural vitamins and minerals. These substances are conducive to skin health and can improve the skin condition.

Moreover, the taste of milk tea is indeed very good. Drinking such a cup is a proper sense of satisfaction.

▶ You can drink milk tea during lactation, but you are conditional: Do not drink frozen milk tea

Not to mention what effect does drinking milk tea affect your baby or your baby, just drinking frozen drinks is not good.

During breastfeeding, breast milk is the main source of food of the baby. Protecting the safety and health of breast milk is the primary task of mothers.

Drinking frozen milk tea may excessively stimulate the mother’s stomach and cause gastrointestinal problems such as stomach pain.It may also change the quality of milk, leading the baby’s diarrhea and so on.

Milk tea is not unable to drink, but it is best to drink or warm.

Don’t drink a lot of milk tea

The benefits of milk tea are all mentioned above, but in fact, milk tea also has a place that is not friendly to lactating mothers.

For example:

After drinking, it is easy to sleep, because caffeine in the tea can cause nerve excitement. Mother often drinking milk tea may cause long -term excitement of the baby’s nerves, affect the baby’s sleep, and affect the development of the baby’s nervous system.

There is a substance called tannic acid in milk tea, which can inhibit the secretion of breast milk.

The sugar in milk tea is relatively high, and drinking milk tea is likely to lead to increased blood sugar or excessive obesity.

Of course, if you really like it, there is no problem when drinking occasionally. Do not drink a lot, try not to exceed two cups, let alone drink a lot.

Drink less milk tea you bought outside

Moms can make milk tea by themselves, which will be healthier and hygienic.

The milk tea bought outside, environmental hygiene can not guarantee it. If you drink unclean milk tea, it is his gastrointestinal sin.

Moreover, although it is milk tea, it is not necessarily that it is really milk, tea and sugar, which may be just things like milk.

Although the prepared milk tea is also good, these things are very unfavorable to human health.

What’s more, in order to make the milk tea taste better, there may be other additives in the milk tea purchased outside.

If you want to drink milk tea, you can buy or do it yourself at your own familiar and trusted stores.

In general, breastfeeding is not completely unable to drink milk tea at all. Occasionally drink a little, and it is okay to solve it.

The first, alcohol

It is best not to drink during breastfeeding, because after drinking alcohol, alcohol will enter the blood to participate in the formation of breast milk. After the baby drinks these milk, it will be affected. The alcohol will damage the baby’s brain cells and affect the baby’s brain development.

The second, coffee/strong tea

It is also best not to drink coffee and strong tea during lactation.

Both coffee and strong tea contain caffeine, which will excite the baby’s nervous system, affect the baby’s sleep, cause the baby to sleep well, cannot secrete growth hormones normally, and caffeine can also affect the development of the baby’s nervous system.

The third, chocolate

Chocolate is also a snack that should be eaten less during breastfeeding.

Because there is a kind of substance called cocaine in chocolate, the baby’s urine volume will increase and affect sleep. If the baby cannot enter the sleeping state, it will affect the secretion of growth hormone and not develop normally.

In addition, cocoaine will also excite the baby’s nervous system, which will affect the development of the nervous system.

Fourth, cigarettes

It is best not to smoke during lactating mothers, because there are nicotine in cigarettes, and Nicotine’s taste is not good, and it may also cause the baby’s respiratory system.

More importantly, nicotine can also damage the baby’s nervous system, and it is not friendly to the baby.

Although it is not sick during breastfeeding, it is necessary to breastfeed and be responsible for the baby. Although there is no strict requirements for taboos, it is best to eat it with unwavering food for the baby.

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