Can hepatitis B virus carry children pregnant and give birth to children?What is the chance of a child’s infection?

Hepatitis B is one of the most common infectious diseases in my country. In addition to patients with hepatitis B, there are a large number of hepatitis B virus carriers, which are commonly known as "Da Sanyang" and "Xiao Sanyang".In most cases, hepatitis B virus carriers are no different from ordinary people. Ordinary life contact will not infect hepatitis B, but what if the other half is found before marriage?Can you have the next generation when you marry a carrier with hepatitis B virus?

Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted through sexual channels. Therefore, hepatitis B is even listed as a sexually transmitted disease in some areas. Therefore, when you marry patients with hepatitis B or hepatitis B virus, you must prevent transmission through sexual behavior through sexual behavior.

Professor Luo Kangxian, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Department of Southern Medical University, pointed out in an previous interview that due to the highly contagious personnel of the chronic carrier of the Da Sanyang, the other half must do a good job of prevention and control.It contains a large number of hepatitis B virus, so it is very contagious.

If the other side does not have enough surface antibodies before marriage, and never produced it earlier, it is a susceptible person for hepatitis B virus. One side is a strong source of infection.The damage to the mucous membrane will definitely transmit the hepatitis B virus."

And if one side is an incomplete hepatitis B virus carrier, which is Xiao Sanyang, the probability of the other party will be greatly reduced.However, for safety reasons, if you decide to marry the carrier of hepatitis B virus, hepatitis B vaccine should be injected within half a year before marriage.

It should be noted that hepatitis B is not intestinal transmission disease. Therefore, the chances of general life contact such as common meals, handshake, and kissing are very low, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Professor Luo Kangxian said that for the carrier of hepatitis B virus, fertility is not their taboos. Sperm and follicles have no hepatitis B virus, so they will not be inherited to the fetus, and hepatitis activity will not have a direct impact on fertility.

If the man is a carrier of hepatitis B virus, the impact on fertility will be relatively small, and the opportunity for father and infants will be very low.However, Professor Luo Kangxian reminded that if he is the father of Da Sanyang, you should avoid too close contact with the child to prevent the virus from spreading in trace blood. "Hepatitis B virus can survive in vitro for more than a month.Ulcers or erosion may be contaminated with blood or blood -contaminated objects that are contaminated by the father’s blood or blood, which is more likely to be infected. Even having a bearded trauma, trace blood polluting the beard, and the thick beard can be transmitted to the tender face of pro -newborn. "

If the woman is a carrier of hepatitis B virus, the liver function must be confirmed before pregnancy. Pay attention to examination and follow -up during pregnancy, and prevent falling damage to avoid in -fetal infection in the fetus.After the baby is born, give the baby three hepatitis B vaccines (on the day of birth, one month, six months) and injection of hepatitis B high -efficiency immunoglobulin (on the day of birth).Infected with hepatitis B virus and immune.

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