Can giving birth to dysmenorrhea?Three causes of dysmenorrhea first

I believe that many women will have dysmenorrhea experience, of course, some women do not have dysmenorrhea.Some people want to say that there is no dysmenorrhea after giving birth. What is it? Everyone knows that during pregnancy, the hormones in the body of pregnant women will be different from the usual, and the male hormones will be relatively increased. This hormone can alleviate women.Come to menstrual pain.

The first is living habits.

Some girls like spicy foods. In summer, they like to eat cold things, but girls with poor physique are easily causing the cold of the palace.There will be more pain.Some girls also smoke and drink, which is not conducive to relieving dysmenorrhea.Secondly, some depression emotions can also lead to dysmenorrhea in girls, and a good mood will help relieve dysmenorrhea in psychological factors.

The second is progesterone.

Excessive prostaglandin is one of the important causes of dysmenorrhea, so dysmenorrhea has an important connection and impact with the overall phospholipid metabolic pathway.This type of dysmenorrhea can be collectively referred to as primary dysmenorrhea. Maybe everyone will ask, how to relieve it?It can be relieved with drugs. For example, drugs such as non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs and ibuprofen can be relieved.In the pregnant woman, after giving birth, this type of substance can be automatically synthesized in the human body, so the dysmenorrhea will not be so serious in the future.

The third is the reason for organs.

Female uterus is weak. There is a situation that is the endometrium of the uterine. The symptoms are the symptoms of the uterine muscle gland. In short, there is only the inner wall bleeding under normal circumstances.Specifications of bleeding one after another are leaking blood everywhere.It is conceivable that during the menstrual period, the blood volume will increase significantly, and it will accompany severe pain.

Girls in the menstrual period should hold their mouths and try not to eat cold and spicy foods to reduce unnecessary stimuli. One more important thing is to maintain a good mood.When menstruation, maybe everyone will have irritability, or it is easy to lose temper, but if you make some rose tea drinking, it will have an auxiliary effect.

At the same time, it is relatively speaking after giving birth to a child. If it is dysmenorrhea caused by living habits and organ lesions, even after giving birth, it will not improve.

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