Can eating sweet potatoes often reduce the "three highs"?Reminder: Don’t eat random, you may understand after reading the article

Sweet potatoes are a very common crude food. They have very high consumption and nutritional value. They have a certain improvement effect on various organs and system functions in the body. They can also achieve the role of cancer.

And there are many people think that eating some sweet potatoes appropriately in daily life can reduce the "three highs" effect. Is this true?

Can eating sweet potatoes really reduce the "three highs"?

1. It has the effect of lowering lipids and preventing thrombosis

The unsaturated fatty acids and cellulose content in sweet potatoes are particularly large. These ingredients can not only promote intestinal peristalsis and achieve the effect of detoxifying the intestines.

It can also promote the rapid metabolism of some lipids and sugars in vascular, which can not only play a role in lowering blood lipids, but also prevent excessive deposition of some lipid components in the blood vessel wall to prevent thrombosis.

In addition, sweet potatoes contain particularly rich vitamin ingredients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E.

These vitamins can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, and vitamin E can reduce blood viscosity and inhibit excessive cohesion of platelets, thereby achieving the role of preventing thrombosis and improving the overall blood circulation.

2. Auxiliary antihypertensive effect

The potassium content contained in sweet potatoes is particularly abundant. This ingredient can regulate the osmotic pressure and the acid -base balance of the body fluid in the human cell. It can also participate in the metabolism of sugar and protein in the cells.effect.

In addition, potassium can also maintain the balance of sodium and potassium in blood vessels, and play a role in assisting the blood pressure. This ingredient can also remove some lead elements in and out of the blood to achieve the effect of maintaining the balance of minerals in the human body and the effect of assisting the pressure reduction.Essence

Third, the effect of no sugar sugar

Although the nutritional components in sweet potatoes are relatively high and have a certain auxiliary reduction effect on blood pressure and blood lipids, there is no effect of reducing sugar. On the contrary, the sugar content in sweet potatoes is particularly much.

Therefore, for patients with diabetes, once you consume too much sweet potatoes in daily life, the blood sugar value will increase repeatedly.Especially for some roasted sweet potatoes that I like to eat, the sugar content in this sweet potato is particularly high, which will directly affect the blood sugar value of patients with diabetes.

In addition, sweet potatoes are a very high starch content, and these starch can easily be absorbed and digested by the human body. Once a large number of people enter the body of diabetic patients, the blood glucose value will increase rapidly after eating.

All in all, if you have high blood lipids or vascular diseases such as hypertension, you can eat some sweet potatoes appropriately, which can indeed help reduce blood lipids and blood pressure value.

However, for people with diabetes and continuous increase in blood sugar, try to control the amount of sweet potatoes as much as possible.If you especially like to eat roasted sweet potatoes, you must reduce some staple foods and eat more vegetables to avoid the rapid increase of blood sugar value after eating sweet potatoes.

In addition, for the three highs of people, pay attention to eating when eating sweet potatoes. Do not eat some roasted sweet potatoes or sloped sweet potatoes, and do not eat sweet potatoes made of cheese.There is no benefit to the health of the "three highs".

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