Can eat, drink, save thousands of years … Admission notice, "roll"!

Admission notice of colleges and universities

"Volume" again, new tricks

"Get on the car dumplings and get off the car"

On June 26, Lanzhou University announced

Admission notice style in 2023

Except for red and blue versions

There is also a surprise that can be "eaten"

Open the admission notice

Contains a beef noodle coupon

Lan Da, please every freshman

The first bowl of beef noodles in Lanzhou


Lanzhou locals are generally called

Lanzhou beef ramen is "beef noodles"

This is the Northwest

Passionately entertaining guests’ flavor food

This year

Undergraduate and graduate students of Lanzhou University

Admission notice

All presented in a three -dimensional three -dimensional way

There are three layers

Open the door to see the mountains, slowly push away, and come face to face

The meaning is open

The first floor is the school emblem and school motto

The second floor is the main gate of Lanzhou University

The third floor is the school Jishi Hall

Undergraduate admission notice

Graduate Admission Notice

Not long ago

Lanzhou University is also released

Enrollment MV "The Time to One Beef Noodle"

Soup, white radish, red pepper red, garlic green, yellow noodles

Looking forward to classmates in September this September

"Eat good noodles, read good books"

Students who have graduated

One after another expressed envy, "It is not recommended to do this because I don’t have it"

Admission notice with "can eat"

There are also "can drink"

Note Notice of Sun Yat -sen University

One piece of tea bricks inside

It can also be described as earning enough to the envy of netizens

From a piece of thin paper


Admission notice is becoming more and more "volume"

Only for

Bring more special commemorative significance to the freshmen

Entry, struggle, graduation …

After this journey

Look back at the admission notice that I received

Maybe there will be a different mood

In order to keep the paper longer

This year, the admission notice of Fudan University

The text uses the new opening paper as the writing carrier

Kaihua Paper was born in Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province

Exquisite and white, thin and toughness

Known as the pearl on the Chinese traditional handmade paper crown

Kaihua paper papermaking process began in Ming Dynasty


Many of the early Qing dynasties are written in open paper writing printing

After the middle of the Qing Dynasty

This process is gradually lost


With the efforts of the scientific research team of Fudan University

Kaihua paper technology successfully "resurrected"

Newly opened paper paper, thin, flexible, white as jade

Its physical and chemical indicators are close to the level of ancient paper

Paper preservation life can reach more than thousands of years

The text of the handbook, the engraving and prints created by famous artists …

One by one

All attentive

Just wait for the admission results to be released

The sisters of the seniors of the Fudan University Painting and Calligraphy Association

Fill in the new name

"This is not just a simple admission notice

It carries the ancient method of papermaking and advanced technology of Fudan

And interpret

‘Learning and ambitious, thinking about thinking about“

Principal Jin Li Introduction

One of the creativeness,

The admission notice of artwork is released

Let netizens "don’t know who should be envious first"

Do you remember what your admission notice is like?

Comprehensive Lanzhou University, Lanzhou Daily, China Youth Daily, Xinmin Evening News

Source: CCTV

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