Can dysmenorrhea affect pregnancy?What should I do if dysmenorrhea

Women experience menstruation once a month, but some female dysmenorrhea is unbearable and often died of death. Originally, I thought that even if I was forbearing. I did not expect that the dysmenorrhea was related to fertility.It can cause pregnancy difficulty.So what should I do?

Frequent dysmenorrhea affects difficult pregnancy

If the reproductive organs do not have the dysmenorrhea of organic lesions, it belongs to the primary dysmenorrhea, which has little impact on women’s fertility.However, if the dysmenorrhea caused by reproductive organ lesions belongs to the successive dysmenorrhea, it is mostly caused by the disease. If it is not treated in time, it can relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, which is easy to get pregnant for women’s future fertility.

Experts said that the cause of secondary dysmenorrhea is relatively complicated, which may be caused by cervical narrowing, uterine dysplasia, endometriosis, endocrine abnormalities, or pelvic inflammatory disease.The discovery of these situations requires you to seek medical treatment in time.The irregular menstrual period affects the beginning of the fertility. If the irregular menstrual period can be understood, it is normal.But if you have been in an adulthood at the age of 20, you still have irregular menstruation every time, then you should attract attention in time.Because this indicates that your pregnancy is decreasing.You know, some infertile patients often show menstruation in the post -adults.At this time, if you don’t want to cause you in difficulty in the future because of irregular menstruation, then be vigilant.

Method of dysmenorrhea

1. Diet adjustment

Women in dysmenorrhea can drink a cup of hot milk with honey before going to bed can reduce the pain of dysmenorrhea, and they can also eat some bananas to reduce dysmenorrhea pain.Because the vitamin B6 rich in bananas has a stable mood and reducing abdominal pain.Eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, and eat less sweet or too salty food. The balanced diet also helps relieve dysmenorrhea.

It must be noted that because caffeine can make people nervous, it is easy to cause irregular menstruation, and the fat contained in coffee can also stimulate the small intestine.Therefore, women should eat less or do not eat caffeine -containing food.

2. Hot compress relieving dysmenorrhea

Place a hot water bottle in the abdomen to keep the body temperature significantly alleviate the pain, and you can also drink more hot water.

3. Massage method to treat dysmenorrhea

The body completely relaxed on the blanket, stretched the body, stretched his arms flat, and his toes were inward.Let your friend touch the pelvic ridge on your back and push gently in the direction of your feet.About 1-2 times per second.It should be noted that it is pushing back and forth, not the circle of painting.

4. Take vitamins

Many dysmenorrhea patients rarely occur after taking the right amount of vitamins and minerals every day.Therefore, it is recommended that you take comprehensive vitamins and minerals. It is best to have calcium -containing and low dosage. You can take several times a day.

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