Can dairy cows grow milk if they are not pregnant?Why can we drink fresh milk every day?

Milk is the largest source of milk in human beings. There is no one. According to incomplete statistics, Americans have to drink at least 3 cups of milk a day. Although Chinese people drink less, they can reach about 200 ml per person per day.The consumption of milk every day is very large.

This has not counted the demand for milk products for milk. There are at least thousands of dairy products processed from raw materials around the world. There are only 4,000 types of cheese.For 140 million heads (data of 2021), a dairy cow has an average of 25-40 liters a day. Obviously, only dairy cows produce milk every day, we have a stable milk source.

However, a few years ago, the author went to visit a relative’s dairy field and found a problem: there was no bull in the huge dairy field.This refreshes my understanding of mammals. After all, mammals will only produce milk after giving birth. Do cows break through this "bug", and they are produced by the hen.May) Eggs daily?However, through the communication with relatives, I found the answer, and I will share with you below.

There are only two types of cattle that are domesticated in the earliest: home cattle (ox) and buffalo. Among them, domestic cattle are domesticated from the original cow, but unfortunately the original cow has been extinct, and the buffalo is domesticated from the bison.Although both animals are beef, they are very different. They can not even cross the mixed generation to produce offspring (different animals in the same family).

From the perspective of domestication, the cow has been domesticated than buffalo for about 4,000 years. As early as 8,000 years ago, human beings have domesticated the original cow into a cow on the Crescent Land, and the cow we are talking about todayIn fact, it is the "advanced version" of Jianiu. Because cows belong to a large mammalian, its lactation itself is relatively large, so I do n’t know when it starts, people gradually accept milk.

And with the breeding of domestic cows with a larger lactation and lactation time, dairy cows have appeared. In the world, the earlier dairy cows are Holstein Cow. It was the Dutch about 2,000 years ago.Cultivate a kind of improved dairy cow.

Holstein cow has the characteristics of large body shape and high milk production. After the appearance, it was introduced by many countries as cows. my country used the Holustan cow with the native ox of my country more than 100 years ago. Holstein cow.

At the moment, Holstein Cow, which has obvious blackboard flowers on the body, has become the largest dairy cow in the world, accounting for about 85-90 % of the world’s dairy weight.(Chinese Holistein Cow, Figure as shown below).

The original chicken of the family chicken has a fixed estrus period, and the eggs are spawned only during the estrus period, and the eggs will stop entering the incubation period after 5-7 eggs.Not genetic mutations, but that chickens must have enough nutrition to mature eggs, and under artificial breeding, their food is guaranteed, and people will deliberately choose those chickens with strong spawning ability. In the endChicken produces eggs almost every day.

And cattle milk is different from chicken eggs, because although dairy cows are raw animals for people, they are essentially domestic cows. They are only compared to family cows. They have increased their milk production.Milk is achieved by a large amount of prolactin secreted after childbirth. In other words, the lactation ability of mammalian lactation without childbirth is almost not activated.

The same is true of cows, and it will only secrete a large amount of milk after delivery, so that we can get fresh milk.

There are usually no bulls at cows. This is not an example, but a common phenomenon, but from the mechanism of dairy milk, without a bull, it cannot be pregnant, and it cannot produce milk without pregnancy.

However, this is not possible, because there is an artificial insemination, the cows of cow fields are usually relying on artificial insemination. Compared with traditional reproductive behaviors, the success rate of artificial insemination is high, and the energy control is controlled.Strong bulls) make cows easier to conceive, and the descendants of the birth are healthier.

However, there is another problem here. The breastfeeding period of cows is limited, because the peak milk production period of a cow will gradually enter the dry milk period at 15-100 days after childbirth.What about milk?

The cow enters the peak of the milk from the fifteenth day of childbirth. This process will last for more than 3 months, and then the milk production will gradually decrease until it will enter the dry milk period.

In order to maximize the utilization rate of cows, people have started working hard since Maverick. Generally, after the production of dairy cows, female cows will only drink first milk (usually not more than half a month).Mavericks took the cow and fed it with feed.At this time, it was just the peak of the milk production of cows began.

And if the Mavericks are a bull, they will be sold to the beef cow field for artificial breeding after a few days of colostrum, so that people will be able to capture milk at the peak of milk.Reveraduated.

The second is the "big move". The so -called big move is artificial insemination. Generally, the cows will be artificially bred in 3 months after production.The timing of the choice is that when the cow is about to enter the dry milk period, the amount of milk production itself is reduced. This will make the cow once pregnant once the milk produces decline.The milk production capacity of cows is maximized.

Finally, it is stimulus and guarantee. When dairy enters the milk production period, people will provide better feed in food to provide energy support for lactation. At the same time, a large number of milk mining is actually a good stimulating behavior.Let the cow will always be in a relatively vigorous milk production period.

Therefore, the milk production of cows itself is relatively large, and when milk is produced, the Mavericks take away early and allow cows to get pregnant again in a timely manner, and they will maximize their milk production capacity.The operation enables us to get fresh milk every day.

Everything is beneficial and disadvantaged. Such operations make the cows maximize the milk production capacity, which will inevitably bring damage. Under normal circumstances, the average cow can have 2 years in 3 years.The average cow can give birth to one child in about a year, and the demand for breast milk in Mavericks is actually decreased as the age increases, but the amount of artificial collection is large and stable.Essence

Under normal circumstances, the average life expectancy of cows is about 20 years, but under such operations, the average life expectancy of dairy cows is actually only about 7 years. More than 7 years, its artificial fertilization success rate has dropped significantly.The amount of milk production was greatly reduced, so these cows were transported to the slaughterhouse.

Dairy cows are not producing milk throughout their lives, but their milk production period can be used for 3 months in one year. After that, they will "be forced" to be pregnant again, and then enter the next peak of milk production.Later, due to the decline in capacity, it was slaughtered and eaten. Therefore, the cows not only provided us with a steady stream of milk, but also provided us with more sources of meat.

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