Can children be found during the medication, can children ask?


As a pharmacist working in the hospital, there are often friends asking me such questions. "Xiao Wu, I just went to the hospital for examination and found that I was pregnant, but I took a cold medicine yesterday, would I have an impact on my child?"I found that I was pregnant, but I did X -ray examination a few days ago. Can this child still ask …" When I encountered such problems, even colleagues working in hospitals may not be clear.If you check the Internet, huh!Even more scary, what kind of deformity, defect, etc., make the expectant mothers more worried about anxiety, so how to answer such questions?Let me give you a popular science.

First of all, understand the fertilization process. The menstrual cycle of normal women is generally 28 ± 7 days. Ovulation often occurs around the 14th day of the next menstruation. When a sperm that can be obtained is combined with an egg, the fertilization process begins. Fertilization eggs need to be.After 3-4 days of travel, we can reach the uterus from the fallopian tube. After the embryo is successfully bed, it develops into a fetus.During this period of fertilization, the fertilized egg and the mother are temporarily separated. During this period, the sensitivity of the fertilized eggs to the drug is very low.

Then let’s talk about the development of the embryo, which can be divided into three stages: "early embryo", "embryo period", "fetal stage". During the medication, it was found that pregnancy almost occurred in the early stages of embryos. Early fertilized eggs were bed in front of the endometrium before the endometrium of the uterine endometrium.For a period of time, within 2 weeks after the essence, the fertilized eggs during this period have not directly contacted the mother tissue, and they are still in the non -sensitive period of drugs in the fallopian tube or the secretion of the uterine cavity. If the drugs are taken during this period,According to the "full or none" theory proposed by the "Guangdong Pharmaceutical Association", the effect of the drug on the development of the drug on the body’s development of the drug is "all or no".Destiny of the body causes abortion; "none" means that the drug fails to cause pregnant body death, and the pregnant body can continue to develop normally.The principle we should adhere to is: there is no abortion, no fetal protection, no abortion for delivery on time.

So how do we calculate the early time of the embryo, there are several methods below to use: 1. 14-28 days from the last month menstruation; 2. Calculate the 2-4 weeks of the pregnancy cycle; 3. Calculate 0-2 of the pregnancy cycle 0-2Week; 4. The same room time + 14 days.If the patient takes emergency contraceptives or does X -ray examination during this period, it belongs to the theoretical range of "all or nothing".

If the last menstrual time and the same time are not clear, don’t worry, we still have other methods, that is, according to our ultrasonic technology, determine the embryo period through color Doppler ultrasound examination, thereby determine whether it is the scope of "all or nothing".

The theory of "All or None" is a conclusion of a large number of clinical evidence at home and abroad. Specific mothers can use this theory safely to study the theory of "all or no", let’s talk about the problem of medication during pregnancy. Which drugs are pregnant?It can be used during the period, which drugs must be avoided.I have summarized some commonly used drugs below for the reference of mothers:

Knock on the blackboard!It is worth noting that the drugs that are absolutely prohibited, the grades of X -level (disabled) during pregnancy. The common drugs are shown in the table below:

Finally, summarize the content, master the concept of "all or no", be familiar with the drugs that can be applied during pregnancy.Every expectant mother has a healthy baby.


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Author: Wu Hao Dandong East Women and Children’s Hospital in charge of pharmacist, member of Pharmaceutical Network

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