Can breast massage be done?

With the improvement of the economic level, the beauty of the beauty of beauty is getting higher and higher for their own one acre and three points!In the past, I only paid attention to the face, whitening, blackheads, photon skin rejuvenation, etc.; After the unremitting efforts of the majority of beauty lovers, it gradually expanded to all parts of the whole body. Fresh vocabulary layers such as chest care, ovarian care, lymph detoxification were endless!Today, the protagonist of our topic, breast massage is the main method of breast care.

Chuyun is a breast special doctor in the oncology hospital. It is mainly responsible for the comprehensive treatment of breast malignant tumors and the diagnosis and treatment of common breast benign diseases. Now, basically, patients will ask patients about breast massage every time.question.First of all, we must figure out the following three problems: What are the "magical effects" of breast massage?Why do people do breast massage?Who wants to do breast massage?

What are the "magical effects" of breast massage?

According to the publicity of beauty practitioners, the main effect of breast massage is to clear the meridians, prevent breast sagging, eliminate breast masses, and treat breast hyperplasia.People are afraid that breast hyperplasia will be converted into breast cancer, so breast massage or oral drugs treat breast hyperplasia to achieve the purpose of preventing breast cancer!

Why do people do breast massage?

Breasts are the second sexual characteristics of women. She is not only a breastfeeding organ, but also an important part of the beauty of women’s curve. The importance of breasts to women is self -evident!However, due to the effects of fertility, breastfeeding, and gravity, breasts will sag and lose their original beautiful forms, and there will also be symptoms such as pain, which is often referred to as breast hyperplasia.It is based on the above reasons that chest care is popular and has been favored by many female friends!

Who wants to do breast massage?

Patients who consulted breast massage are basically concentrated between 30-50 years old, that is, most of them are women after childbirth. Breast drooping is caused by fertility and breastfeeding.At the same time, this part of the woman is the backbone of the business in the unit, and the children’s reliance at home. Under the dual pressure of work and family, the chance of breast pain is very high. I heard that breast massage can have so many magical effects. Of course, it will be very high.The proportion crowd to accept breast massage!

Does breast massage really have such amazing effects?

Let’s first understand what is breast drooping?What are the causes of breast drooping?Breast drooping refers to the movement of the breast to the normal position along the chest wall due to various reasons, so that the lowest point of the breast is below the breasts; the degree of sagging can be divided into light, medium, and severe.Common causes are breast hypertrophy, aging, menopause, multiple pregnancy, breast atrophy caused by breastfeeding, sudden weight loss, and puppies of breast prosthesis.

What’s wrong with breast hyperplasia?Breast is the target organ of hormones. After the development of the breasts, as the menstrual cycle changes, the level of hormone levels in the body also fluctuates periodic fluctuations; the breasts will also cause periodic changes.And the severity of pain varies from person to person, this people often call breast hyperplasia!In other words, breast hyperplasia can actually be regarded as a normal physiological phenomenon. The severity of its symptoms is related to many factors such as people’s emotions, stress, sleep, and physical condition.Related evidence.

Therefore, it may relieve the pain of some people through breast massage, but it is a bit unreliable to say that it can fight against the gravity of the ground; because the breast massage alone is impossible to reverse the atrophy of the breast tissue, the breast tissue, the skin of the skin, the skinAnd support the sagging of ligaments!As for self -propaganda treatment of breast hyperplasia, and even preventing the occurrence of breast cancer, it is even more everywhere!However, some people will say: Even if breast massage does not treat breast hyperplasia, there is no harm!Is this really the case?But reality is far more cruel than you think.Let’s first clarify the following questions:

1. The qualifications of employees?

Are the practitioners who follow you in the beauty salon to follow you and serve carefully, are you really so professional?The professionals in your eyes may just look at a few "beauty secrets", and just come out to be a young lady who is learning; in their eyes, massage your breasts may not be much different from rubbing a dough.Don’t laugh, I saw a young lady who dragged the owner of the beauty salon to the clinic. It may be a novice, which was too strong. The breast massage caused her breasts to have obvious subcutaneous hemorrhage, skin ecchymosis, painful pain, and diagnosed breast soft tissue.IntersectionEven if she has a long career and is suitable, can she find the so -called meridian acupoint?Doubtful!It sounds more like a mystery!

Second, the problem of the spread of early breast cancer?

Early mammary cancer mass was very small and even without lumps, and there were no symptoms that even mammary scholars could not be overweight, let alone ordinary people.The masseur’s method of compressing and rubbing through the so -called meridian and acupoint massage, it is possible to promote cancer cells into the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, and then spread and metastasize from a distance!For example, the bee colony was quietly staying in the horse honeycomb. You often go to stab it. Do you say that the bee will run around?We have encountered such alive examples in clinical work; long -term breast essential oil massage massage, breast primary tumor is very small (diameter 0.8cm), and multiple necks and longitudinal lymph nodes are metastasis.So do not blindly do the so -called breast massage!

What is the essential oil for breast massage?What effect does long -term use have on breasts?

Beauty salons advertise that the massage essential oils they use are "pure natural, easy to absorb, no side effects", etc. Is this really the case?Just like hairdressing shops, the goods they enter are "professional hairdressing", which are actually gimmicks. They are all brands that we have never heard of. The authenticity is doubtful!Just like the numerous breast enhancement products on the market, most massage essential oils may add large doses of estrogen. As a mammary doctor, we will never recommend long -term large doses of estrogen.Because the estrogen in the body is very high, and the long period of time is the high risk factors of breast cancer; at the same time, some breast cancer is a hormone -dependent malignant tumor. Long -term use of estrogen will stimulate the rapid growth of early breast cancer!

"Breast Massage" is like a glamorous and beautiful poppy flower, which has the consequences that make you and your family unbearable!If you are really unable to resist her temptation, please go to the breast specialist clinic in advance!””

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