Can a girl’s stomach pain can only be a menstrual pain?No, no no!Pregnancy may also have stomach pain

Sometimes I encounter such a situation in the obstetrics and gynecology clinics: Do you have a dysmenorrhea, can you prescribe some painkillers?

But doctors will check you before you check it out. Do you understand such a behavior?In fact, it is because stomach pain may not be because of dysmenorrhea, it is likely because you are pregnant.

Many people think that stomach pain must only appear during childbirth, but did not expect that stomach pain was actually hovering in all pregnancy days!Share with female friends and male friends now, how should I pay attention to belly pain!

What’s wrong with the stomach pain in pregnant mothers?

O normal pain during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers have stomach pain, maybe because the uterus will gradually increase during embryonic development. At this time, the pregnant mother will have discomfort and feel stomach pain, but this pain is often mild, so pregnant women do not have to worry too much.

O signs of aura abortion.

But if abdominal pain is a burst, or a continuous lower abdomen pain, just like the pain before menstruation or during menstruation. At the same time, it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding.Go to the hospital in time.

O eating foods that are spoiled or too frozen.

Sometimes stomach pain is purely because of pregnant mothers’ mouthful, intestinal spasm caused by allergic foods or too cold foods.

O disease cause.

Acute gastritis, gastroenteritis, acute pancreatitis, and degeneration of uterine fibroids can also make pregnant mothers feel stomachache.Therefore, if it is acute abdominal pain, you should go to the hospital in time to treat the symptomatic treatment to avoid deterioration or abortion of the disease.

Is the stomach pain in the early pregnancy normal?

Under normal circumstances, it is more common in the stomach in the early pregnancy. There are many reasons for stomach pain. Some are normal phenomena of pregnancy, but some show that you have severe diseases.The position of stomach pain in the early pregnancy is not fixed, sometimes in the left lower abdomen, and sometimes in the right lower abdomen, but the general pain time is not very long.

If you go to the hospital for examination and no abnormalities are found, then this stomach pain does not need to be treated.Because this stomach pain is generally caused by the growth of the baby, which makes the uterus larger, causing the ligament to be pulled.

However, if the expectant mother feels backache, the lower abdomen is swollen, and it will not be relieved after the rest, or even worsening, but pay more attention.If there are lower abdominal pain, it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, and it is best to go to the hospital for examination, because it may be a symptom of aura.

If the symptoms of threatened abortion occur, pay attention to whether there are tissue discharge in the vaginal discharge.It is best to let the doctor check.If the amount of bleeding increases, be sure to go to the hospital immediately.

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers are best to rest in bed and reduce activities, but it is not to say that they are lying on the bed all day long and should be appropriately moved.Do not perform sexual life, minimize unnecessary vaginal examinations to reduce uterine stimuli.In addition, try to avoid stimulating breasts, because stimulating breasts can cause contractions, which may cause threatened abortion.

What is the pain around the belly button?

Here is a topic that has little relationship with early pregnancy. From the beginning of the pregnancy, the fetus will grow quickly. At this time, the mothers’ belly will be opened, so the skin around the belly button will be pulled.It is recommended to use moisturizing cream to moisturize the skin on the belly at this time, otherwise it is easy to grow stretch marks, but don’t worry, the pain around the navel eyes will not affect the baby in the belly.

There is another possibility of pain around the navel eye: in the early pregnancy, there will be irregular lower abdomen pain, sometimes there is only one -sided pain, sometimes the whole lower abdomen pain, but it will not be too painful, only slight pain.

This is mainly due to the ligament that supports the uterus, because the pregnancy of the pregnant uterus swells.No special treatment, as long as you rest, if the pain is severe, or continuous pain instead of occasional pain, you need to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Note: If the first test, early pregnancy test strips are negative, don’t worry, you can observe another week.It is possible that the ovulation is delayed and relaxed, and it may come to normal menstruation in this week.If you still do not have menstruation after a week, you need to re -test again.If possible, you need to go to the hospital to draw blood to check HCG more accurate than early pregnancy test strips.

In addition, there are some special circumstances, such as ectopic pregnancy, abortion, etc., which can be manifested as abnormal bleeding (a small amount of vaginal bleeding, the amount of bleeding exceeds menstrual flow, etc.) or abdominal pain.When you encounter these situations, everyone is particularly easy to ignore pregnancy.I think there is bleeding or abdominal pain, and it will not be pregnant, and this idea is very wrong.

Therefore, all abnormal bleeding, abdominal pain, and menopause must think of the possibility of pregnancy, and use early pregnancy test strips to detect at any time.If you are not good at judging, the hospital examination is timely, so as not to delay the illness.

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