Calculation method in dangerous period!Accurately calculate the ovulation day to increase the chance of pregnancy

If you want to get pregnant, you must know the dangerous period calculation method!Everyone knows that there is a period of safety and danger in menstruation. The safety period is calculated before and after the tide of blood. The ovulation period can be grasped about the middle period of about the cycle, but how to calculate the ovulation day more accurately?This article allows you to understand in one minute.

If you want to know the dangerous period calculation method, you can first understand the process of egg production.Generally speaking, women in many filters in the body every month will only have a mature egg excretion. On that day, it is a very important ovulation day. After the ovaries are discharged from the ovary, they can survive for 1 to 2 days.After ovulation, the ovary will enter the next stage of the luteal stage.

If the discharged eggs are combined with sperm, and the uterus is in bed smoothly, pregnancy will form; if no conception is not conceived, the luteal will slowly shrink. When the luteal secretion is reduced, the endometrium will be peeled into menstruation.

Calculate the dangerous period, grasp the timing of pregnancy

Since the sperm enters the woman, it will not die immediately, which can survive for a maximum of 5 days, and the eggs after ovulation are survived up to 24 hours. Therefore, 4 to 5 days before and after ovulation (about 10 days in total) are the most easily conceivedThe time is the so -called danger period.

For example, for women with a 28 -day menstrual cycle, this time is 8/24, and the next menstruation may be 9/22. The average period of the luteal period has been calculated on average.The first 5 days and the next 4 days of the ovulation day are the ovulation period, which means that during the period of 9/3 to 9/12, it is easy to conceive. It is a dangerous period. The remaining days are not easy to conceive, which is a safe period.

Use the right method to find the right ovulation day

Fierce weight loss, ketogenic diet or uneven nutrition, etc., will affect ovulation and change the dangerous period.Therefore, it is difficult to get ovulation day by relying on the dangerous period.It is best to match other methods, so that you can find your dangerous period faster and more accurate.

1. Observe the secretion and physical condition

Usually, on the day of ovulation or 1 or 2 days before, it is observed that women’s secretions show clear water -like mucus, which represents ovulation.Some women can even feel the feeling of mild or pain of the ovaries on the left and right sides of their lower abdomen, but the above methods are still speculative.

2. Measure the basic body temperature

Women’s body temperature will change a little with a subtle change before and after ovulation within a month, which is the so -called low temperature period (below 36.7) and high temperature period (higher than 36.7).The amount should be measured before getting up every morning, 1 minute at a time.

3. Use ovulation test strip

Ovulation test strips can be detected by urine testing to detect the changes of the "luteal genericin (LH) ‘for short). It is predicted whether to ovulate. Testing from 24 to 48 hours before ovulation, LH will definitely appear peaks, so you can infer the best golden concert timeEssence

4. Follow the genital ultrasound

The most accurate method is to go directly to the obstetrics and gynecology department to follow the ultrasound of the genitals and check the mature state of the follicles. It is recommended that you can track it between 12-16 days, or ask the doctor to help arrange the examination time. If you already have mature follicles, you can consider it.Ovulation needle to make the follicles mature within 36 hours, and then ovulation will be ovulated, more accurately predicting ovulation time.

Finally, I wish the couple in the world who are preparing for pregnancy can always conceive their babies and enjoy the joy of parenting.

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