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(CCTV Finance "Zheng Dian Finance") At present, vegetables such as British lettuce and tomatoes have continued to have shortages, and many supermarkets have launched purchase restriction measures.On the 23rd local time, the British Minister of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Coffei called on the public to consider eating radishes as a substitute in the case of insufficient supply of fresh agricultural products.

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On the 23rd local time, the British environment, food and rural affairs Ministers Coffei called on the people to consider eating radishes first in the current shortage of British lettuce and tomatoes.Temporary as an import alternative.

Keifei, Minister of Environmental Food and Rural Affairs: It is important to ensure that we pay attention to our country’s agricultural products.Many people are eating radishes, rather than categories such as lettuce and tomatoes that are short.But I realize that British consumers hope to obtain sufficient agricultural supply throughout the year, which is also what our supermarkets, food manufacturers and farmers around the world want to work hard.

Coffei pointed out that the current shortage of fresh agricultural products in the UK may last 2 to 4 weeks.To this end, the British Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is dealing with major retailers on ensuring countermeasures to ensure related products.According to Agence France -Presse, later that day, the British Prime Minister’s office opposed Kofife’s suggestions and said that she was just emphasizing the importance of British agricultural products.

Recently, due to the severe weather in northern Africa and southern Europe, the harvest of various fruits and vegetables has decreased, which has led to insufficient supply of fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers from these regions. Many supermarkets in the UK have taken purchase restriction measures.

The analysis believes that since last year, the domestic energy prices, especially the electricity prices, have soared, and have pushed the production cost of agricultural products. Many British have given up greenhouse planting practices, causing the number of agricultural products produced in the UK to decline.In addition, some people believe that Brexit has destroyed the normal supply chain of the goods and leads to a large supply of supply.

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