British 40 -year -old women have symptoms of pregnancy and think they are really pregnant, but they did not expect lung cancer.

According to the British "Sun" reported on April 21, 2020, a female female in Britain had symptoms of pregnancy last year. The belly became larger, the menstruation stopped, and even stretch marks appeared.It was not pregnant, but lung cancer.She cannot go to the hospital for examination and treatment due to the new crown pneumonia.

The picture is Jasmin old photos

It is reported that the woman named Jasmin Bernard, from Shobnal, Starford County, England.In July 2019, her menstruation did not arrive as scheduled. She immediately did a pregnancy test, but the results were negative, which means that she was not pregnant at the time.In the following months, her stomach continued to grow, and her chest gradually felt swelling, as if she was pregnant.She went to the hospital to see a doctor, but was told by the doctor that her stomach was getting bigger because of the pressure of the stress, and gave her Gaviscon (a drug that relieved heartburn and indigestion).At that time, she asked the doctor to ask an ultrasound and was rejected by the doctor.

The picture is Jasmin

After many times, in October 2019, she finally performed an X -ray examination, and the doctor found a shadow in her lungs.At this time, her belly was even bigger.When she passed her photos to the Internet, she was "bombed" by her friend.Jasmin said, "I am sad, because my friends think that I am pregnant, complain that I have not told them, and ask my child’s father. I can only explain to them one by one, but they don’t believe me. All my symptoms are pregnant, and stretch marks appear on my stomach. "

The picture is Jasmin

After finding a shadow in the lungs, the doctor did not think she had any fatal disease.After a gynecological examination, the doctor also insisted that the reason for her large stomach may be that the endometrium is ectopic or polycystic ovary.Jasmin himself wanted to be a child. At that time, he still had a little fantasy and felt that he was pregnant.

The picture is Jasmin’s recent photos

On December 27, 2019, she went to the hospital for another PET and biopsy slicing examination. As a result, on January 3 this year, she was diagnosed with lung cancer.Subsequently, she was arranged for surgery, but was forced to cancel her chest infection.The operation was finalized on February 29, and the whole process lasted for 14 hours, and the medical staff removed half of her lungs.

Jasmin suffers from some emotional disorders, which makes her struggle with the disease more difficult.Sometimes she has the idea of light life.At present, she is recovering, but because of the outbreak of the coronary virus, some of her examination appointments have been forced to cancel.She needs to wait for the epidemic to improve before going to the hospital for treatment.

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