Breast cancer, I hope you are just a dream

I walked into the doctor’s clinic with the results of the examination. Many people in the clinic. I ranked first. The doctor looked at the checklist in my hand.After a while, I had a bad feeling. Looking at the doctor’s heavy expression, I sat silently on the chair. I was still a lively and noisy clinic. At this moment, it seemed to be still.I can’t hear it. I can’t see anything, but I know I am waiting for a doctor. When she tells me a result, this result, I seem to already know it, as if holding a trace of luck.

The doctor called me at the end of the corridor. I asked her if it was very serious. I didn’t expect her to cry, because we knew it, she cried and said, the late stage of breast cancer was very serious. I collapsed at the time.Essence

I cry, cry, squatting on the corner, crying, and crying, why?Why is this?

My child is still so young. What if I leave, what should I do?Who will she follow in the future, will others really treat her?What if someone bullies her?Who should she tell?

Husband, when we are in love, we have also had a flowering before, Qingqing me, but what time has been? In life, not only is the rice oil and salt and garlic, but also began to quarrel often.If I told him this news, would he be sad or crying? If I left, would he find another one? If he found another one, he had a child, would he leave me and meHis child, I don’t know, I don’t want to know.

Mom and dad, I am usually busy with work and rarely accompany you. I have always said that taking you to see the sea of Huahai in spring, take you to the sea in the summer, we go to Taihang Mountain in autumn. In winter, there are heavy snow outside. WeEat hot pot or dumplings in the house, but I haven’t done it. I rarely see you, dear mom and dad, if you know that your daughter will soon be born, how should you live!Why am I so filial piety, let you give you a black -haired person, why am I so filial!

My mother -in -law, in fact, you really helped me a lot. When I was pregnant, I helped me cook. When the child was born, take care of the confinement and help me bring my children.Doing housework, sometimes when you look back at your back pain, I really feel very distressed and distressed. My mother -in -law, if there is, I will treat you well in the future.

Why did I feel how precious time is, how warm the sun is, and how beautiful the sun is.

In the face of life, the fatigue, those who suffered, those complaints, how worth mentioning, the rooms we are pursuing, car, money, power, if there is no life, what is the meaning of these things?Ah, if you can live, don’t force it!By the way, it is born to the sun!

Thinking of this, I was even more sad, and regretted that my chest was not breathless. I cried, crying, crying, crying and suddenly waking up. After I woke up, I couldn’t tellIs it a dream or a reality. I was looking for a mobile phone in a panic, opened it, and at a glance at one o’clock in the morning, I touched my pillow again, and it became wet!

Think about the dream mirror just now, as if I have experienced it, I am even more confused. Could it be that I am really sick.I really couldn’t help crying this time, and the husband who slept next to me was startled by me. He asked me what happened. I said I was about to die. He said what you said, did you do it?Dreamful, I asked him, did I go to the hospital recently? He said that I went yesterday. I went with you one by one. During this time, you have chest pain and chest bloating. The doctor said, you are just breast hyperplasia.Take a week of medicine for a week to keep it in a good mood. I asked him, really?Husband said, really!

After I woke up from my dream, I was not sleepy. I was too real in my dream, so that my mood could not be calm for a long time. Yeah, my life was very tedious, but my life was only once. After experiencing this dream mirror, I seemed to be like this dream mirror.There is a feeling of the rest of my life, and my mentality has become more peaceful. For the rest of my life, I have to live well!

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