Blood HCG prompts pregnancy, but why is the fetal sac that is "harmonious" without the ultrasound?

When it is time to come to menstruation, the menstruation is not menstruation, or this time the menstruation is slightly more a little bit more than before, but the test strip of the early pregnancy and early pregnancy is weak and positive.Can’t see the placenta in the uterine cavity, is it that the B -ultrasound machine is broken?What exactly is this matter about?I believe some of our female friends must have encountered this.

In response to the above -mentioned questions, Dr. Zhao Ningning of Shunyi Women’s and Children’s Hospital reminded:

You are likely to be a "biochemical pregnancy".

You may have to ask again when you see biochemical pregnancy: What is a biochemical pregnancy?Pregnancy is pregnant, can you still biochemize it?Is it a series with the biochemical crisis?Next, Dr. Zhao Ningning will take you to understand what is biochemical pregnancy.

The normal pregnancy process requires a combination of eggs and sperm. After forming fertilized eggs, the fallopian tube is transported to the uterus to bed, then the embryo is formed, and then the baby is pregnant in October. Finally, the baby fell to the ground, which formed a process of life."Biochemical pregnancy" is also known as sub -clinical abortion, hidden abortion, and early sub -clinical embryo loss.It refers to the phenomenon that develops into fertilized eggs after the combination of essence eggs, but fertilized eggs have not been successful in the uterus, and abortion abortion with menstruation.Although biochemical pregnancy is formed by fertilized eggs, only β-HCG indicates that pregnancy and there is no clinical pregnancy, which means that it can be detected by biochemical indicators.Further germinating the intrauterine cavity (quietly, as she came quietly, she waved her sleeves without taking away a cloud). Therefore, she couldn’t check it through the B -ultrasound.

Usually, we say that abortion is a b -ultrasound that there is a miscarriage in the gestational sac, and the biochemical pregnancy is even more early. Early, I will not even give you the chance of seeing the pregnancy sac."Early dysflow".Therefore, some people often do not have abnormal symptoms, or have only a few days of menstruation, and the menstrual flow is slightly higher than before.

After reading the introduction above, some people may have doubts again: Why do this happen?Can I still have a baby in the future?

Reason for biochemical pregnancy: The current cause of biochemical pregnancy is unknown, and there are many influencing factors, including the following aspects.

1. Women’s factors:

(1) Egg quality: Women’s egg quality will gradually decrease with age, and the formation of embryo will gradually decrease, which will easily cause biochemical pregnancy.

(2) Endocrine status: When the polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertrophic prolactin ledmia, luteal dysfunction, etc. cause endocrine abnormalities, it can affect embryonic development and cause biochemical pregnancy.

(3) Uterine endometrial state: After the combination of essence eggs, it is generally implanted in the endometrium in 6-8 days, which takes about 4-5 days.The tolerance of the endometrium exceeding this period is reduced (it can be understood that the land of the endometrium is not suitable for planting crops), which will affect embryo implantation.

(4) Women’s immune dysfunction can also lead to biochemical pregnancy.

(5) Chromosomal abnormalities: Female chromosomal abnormalities such as chromosomes, deletions, inverted, chimeric, etc. can cause chromosomal abnormalities in eggs, which will cause abnormal embryo development, implant failure, and biochemical pregnancy.

2. Embryo factors:

Poor embryo: The most common cause is abnormal embryo chromosome. It can be caused by the quality of the embryo due to poor eggs and sperm quality, female endocrine abnormalities, etc., which affects embryo implantation.(It can be understood here: development is the result of fruit trees, but the root of this tree is broken, naturally it can’t end good fruit, or even fruit).

3. Male factor:

(1) Sperm quality: Sperm quality can affect embryo quality, thereby implanted embryo implantation.

(2) chromosomal abnormalities: Like women, the man’s chromosomal abnormalities can cause sperm chromosomal abnormalities, which will cause embryonic dysplasia and cause biochemical pregnancy.

What are the characteristics of biochemical pregnancy?

1. Early pregnancy test strip can measure weak yang, it is difficult to achieve positive, and it is impossible to achieve strong positive.

2. Ultrasonic can not see the gestational sac in the palace.

3. The blood HCG value is very low, which can only show that it is pregnant, but it cannot be explained whether to go to bed successfully.

4. Generally, there will be no more than 50 days of abortion, and there will be gray -white membrane -shaped logistics.

Zhao Ningning finally emphasized that female friends who want their babies do not have to worry if this happens for the first time.The first biochemical pregnancy is the result of the survival of the fittest. Generally, it will not affect the next conception, so you don’t have to be too anxious. You should relax your spirit and reduce stress. It will be good for the next real pregnancy.However, if you still need to be vigilant next time, you should seek help from a doctor in time, conduct a comprehensive investigation, and actively find the cause.Don’t be too sad after biochemical pregnancy. As long as you are healthy and happy, your body environment is suitable, your baby will come again.

Text | Maternal One Section Zhao Ningning

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