Bleeding after test tube is transplanted. What is the situation?

From the moment the precious embryo was transplanted, the expectant mothers began a new round of embarrassment, worry, and entanglement when they were happy and anticipated.Let’s talk about it today. What should I do if common transplantation is used after transplantation?

1. Bleeding on the day of transplantation

Transplantation surgery is a non -invasive surgery. If the transplantation pipe is smoothly entered into the uterine cavity, bleeding will generally not occur.Most of the bleeding on the day of transplantation exists in cervical erosion. When disinfected and placed the peepwater, the equipment encountered erosion surface, resulting in a small amount of bleeding.Although the amount is small, it will bring a lot of mental stress to patients, and it feels that bleeding can have a great impact on embryo transplantation.

For a few days of rest, bleeding will stop.If bleeding for more than 1 week, please contact the doctor in time to eliminate other problems.

2. Bleeding 7 to 14 days after surgery (embryo bed bleeding)

After embryo transplantation, you need to swim in the uterine cavity for 2 to 5 days before you can find a suitable place to bed. At this time, bleeding is generally about 6 to 8 days after transplantation.Generally, from 12 to 14 days after transplantation, he came to the hospital to draw blood to confirm whether he was pregnant. After that, the doctor would arrange the follow -up treatment plan according to your specific situation.

3. Bleeding for 14 days to 28 days of transplantation

The vaginal bleeding with menstrual flow of menstruation about 14 days after transplantation may be that this transplantation fails, and the blood drawing HCG can be diagnosed.Adjust your mentality, communicate with your attending doctor, and prepare for the next transplant.

If you have confirmed pregnancy, at this time, vaginal bleeding must be highly alert to ectopic pregnancy, and you need to go to the hospital in time.Because an ectopic pregnancy occurs in the abdominal cavity, there may be life -threatening.If the B -ultrasound is prompt, it is an intrauterine pregnancy.

4. After transplantation, B -ultrasound confirm in -palace pregnancy

At this stage, a small amount of vaginal bleeding may be that the embryo is developing the uterine blood vessels and the establishment of blood circulation in the mother body during the development of the maternal uterus.It is recommended to continue to keep fetal treatment, rest in bed as much as possible, and save a calm mood.

All in all, in the early pregnancy stage, 30%to 40%of women may have vaginal bleeding. After regular tire preservation, most of them can continue pregnancy. Please relax your mothers, don’t be too anxious, but you can’t take it lightly.I wish you all a good pregnancy and safe production!

(The content of the article only provides related health information as a reference, and it cannot replace any personal medical diagnosis and treatment.)

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